Prediction for 2011 by Jan Engels-Smith

Prediction for 2011

We can have heaven on earth. 2011 can be 2000 heaven. Heaven is created through love. Love is expressed with inclusion, random acts of kindness, sharing, impeccability of spoken words and things that draw people together in a conscious way. In others words, COMPASSIONATE ACTION. This is a year of inclusion, and making the effort to be welcoming and thoughtful.

Heaven is a place of grace. A place of togetherness. A place of radiance. Yes, we can have heaven on earth. We can rise above the density of 3D reality and the lower frequency energies of hopelessness, doubt, fear, anger, isolation, gossip, betrayal, and hardship. These lower frequency energies are broadcasted from outside sources such as the media. We also contribute to this broadcast from our inner personal environment, which are our thoughts. This broadcast weakens us and feeds a false reality about our divinity. No matter what is happening to us inside or outside, we can create heaven on earth by choosing differently. 2011 is going to be a year of great choice. A year of finding JOY in the Difficulties. A year of Deciding to Choose Happiness.

This year will require very conscious decisions because 2011 will also be a year of great challenges. These difficulties have the power to split you off from your true self or from your spiritual self and walk. Or your decisions and choices of response have the ability to encourage you to embrace your spiritual self even more strongly. The Tower card in the Tarot shows us that there needs to be a crumbling of systems, belief systems and structure in order to rebuild from a completely different place that doesn’t look anything like the old.

Also 2011 will be a year of blending the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies together to find balance. The exclusion of one for the other needs to stop. A blend is needed. Blending the divine feminine which is unconditional love, understanding, inclusion, sharing, allowing, and compassion with the divine masculine which is action, inner confidence, inner courage and holding true to your light. An example of the divine masculine is choosing Joy in Difficulties and Deciding to Choose Happiness no matter what the outside world screams at us. This blend, this balance allows us to stay grounded, loving, open, compassionate, and positive and to take ACTION, with these expressions. Show them to the world, act on them daily and constantly. Some of the greatest things that we have on earth have come from the contrast or the difficulties that we have endured. The spirits recommend the following: that you keep things near you that will remind you that a new structure is needed, to let go of the old ways and to trust that the universe supports you, that there is only love, that you are loved, that there are many non-physical beings that only want to help you, and to not resist but to embrace the process. Please get in the habit of saying I CAN and I say YES to the positives.