Welcome to LightSong Shamanic School

Jan Engels-Smith is a master of transformation.  Through decades of experience as a master teacher and shamanic practitioner, she has captured the essence of change and well-being.

At LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine, students learn tools for self-discovery and non-traditional healing modalities. We offer a full, healthy curriculum that is designed to empower and bring forth the highest potential in each student seeking spiritual growth or to become an advanced shamanic healer. We are deeply involved in creating community throughout the world and are located in Portland, Oregon. LightSong is dedicated to enriching this community and promoting well being and harmony through the exploration of shamanism practices and energy healing.

The decision to seek spiritual growth and development is confirmation of a longing inside that often surfaces from within. If you are curious about shamanism and energy medicine this is the place for you. If your dream is to become a shaman this is also the place for you. We offer basic shaman classes and/or Internship, Masters and Doctoral programs for advanced shamanic practitioner training. Shamanic study is among the most ancient traditions and we are pleased to offer shamanic healing training to modern day students.

21st century shamanism and energy medicine offers unique opportunities for your personal growth. Combined with shamanic studies LightSong takes the student on a soul journey of deep introspection and personal healing. Ancient teachings of shamanic healing understands that all illnesses have a spiritual and energetic component that impacts the soul. Through shamanic rituals and advanced methods such as soul retrieval training, you will be able to promote energy healing on a deeper level for both yourself and others.

Our shaman classes are classified in categories that include core studies, advanced classes, electives, and assistance training. Courses are varied and include shamanic journey drumming, basic shamanic journey skills, telepathic communication, Reiki, sound healing, shamanic healing techniques, and much more. Whether your interest lies in shamanic journeying, shamanic drumming, sound healing, Reiki training or being good stewards of the Earth, our courses and shamanism workshops can help you to reach your highest potential on your path.

Our Mission Statement

LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine is dedicated to the cultivation of thriving communities through the exploration and practice of shamanism and alternative energy medicine.

What our community members say…

“The 18-month journey was soul sublime! I cherish the sacred journey with glorious teacher Pamela, the Assistants that cared for our every need, and the loving amazing student community, all in service to one another and to a greater good. I was a participant and witness of the New Earth! And it was incredulous to learn and see the gifts of spirit unfolding from non-ordinary reality into the here and now for each and every student -including me! It could not be more real, and these tools of the Divine heart are the golden keys to our future. May we circle around the boundaries of this earth with golden light and proud shaman wings in flight!!! The New Earth is coming. How glorious to be alive now as an initiate of Divine Light for all humanity. My heart is deeply grateful for the life changing and world transforming work of LightSong.”

Iris Moon

“The time we spent was one of the most powerful I have ever experienced in my life! I plan on contacting Pamela to ask some questions about continuing this work until we meet again. I wanted a serious transformation and I was not disappointed.”


“Thank you again for being such an incredible loving instructor and providing the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. The Level II Shamanic Training class went gloriously beyond my furthest expectations. I met and connected with so many beautiful, kind-hearted, and loving people, in surroundings which were profoundly healing and uplifiting. Living each day withe the intention to connect with, and learn from, the guiding spirits brought me deep healing and pure joy. I now take time every day to greet, thank, and honor the spirits, as well as seek their guidance. It’s been amazing how those seemingly simple actions have turned my hectic days at work into peaceful joyful days.”


“Thank you. The training was very important for me. My life is more fun with this dimension and a reminder of how I want to live my life in the future. Thank you for your love to me and all of us and for holding the space for us. I’m full of energy and I know that I have to keep my connection because I don’t want to lose this. Lots of love.”


“Thank-you for clearing the paths, literally and figuratively, for us to strengthen our limbs, open our hearts and test our wings. Your leadership, guidance, and all around excellence in modeling benevolent human behavior brings the light and the song to this well named community. I am honored to be a student here, and excited for new classes in the future. Again, thank-you for making all these wonderful possibilities in life available…”


“Thank you, Jan. It was a blessing to be in your Focus Class. I learned techniques that will stay with me as the visceral and ethereal energies came in beautifully and comfortably as a result of your teachings. The evening after our last class my living room was filled with the presence of all those in the class – standing around my rock! It was miraculous and comforting!! Again, thank you.”