The Occupy Movement by Jan Engels-Smith

The Occupy movement

The Occupy Movement is impressive in its scope and in the numbers involved in demonstration, but I believe its greater power lies in its ability to elevate our individual consciousness and to create inner reflection on who we are and what we may become. The events that are playing out serve best to teach us to stay present to our own feelings and to understand how our inner thoughts are contributing to this cause. What we do externally matters, but the feelings we hold internally have the greater power to either promote or harm this cause.

The focus on external action is the natural consequence of social movements, but it is the alteration and enhancement of our inner beings that ultimately provides the impetus for the powerful shifts in humankind’s existence. An individual thought, an altered awareness of one’s surroundings, or an adjustment in attitude may ripple through the entire cosmos to create monumental changes in the universe. Something as simple as a random act of kindness or the appreciation of a sunset can create support for the movement, just as an argument or a cruel act can contribute negatively to the cause.

As the spirits have taught me, appreciation is a pre-creative emotion. Appreciate everything without judgment or evaluation; embrace within the love you would want the entire world to hold; and become the enlightened being that changes all that it touches. That which becomes real within us, becomes the reality of the universe. The Occupy Movement is symptomatic of the pent-up desires of humankind for a fundamental change in the conditions of our existence. To truly promote it and give it full life, it must be fed with the nourishment of the higher frequency energies of our souls and the power that lies within our inner selves. As we become, the world becomes.