Video Gallery

LightSong Practicum 2015

Pictures and a song from the 2015 camp.

Jan at the Afterlife Awareness Conference

Jan conducts a Shamanic "Pushing Over" Ceremony.

LightSong Introduction Video

Overview video of the LightSong School.

LightSong Montage

Photo montage of the LightSong events and inspiration.

Talisman Ceremony

2011 New Year's Day Gratitude, Talisman, and Firewalk Ceremony. Notice the purple beams of light shooting up from the fire; spirits were very present that night!

Your Soul Awareness

Jan on Your Soul Awareness with Margie Lantos

Left Brain vs. Right Brain

Jan explains the left brain vs. the right brain.

What is Ascension?

Jan explains Ascension.

What is Shamanism?

Jan speaks on the topic of shamanism.

Soul Retrieval and Depossession: The Cornerstones of Shamanism

Interview with Lorna Li and Jan Engels-Smith.