LightSong School

helping the earth & all who live here

LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine is dedicated to the cultivation of thriving, interlaced communities of well beings through the exploration and practice of shamanism and alternative energy medicine.

Founded in 1994 by healer and author Jan Engels-Smith, LightSong offers courses that blend core shamanism with contemporary principles of healing. These courses are designed as initiatory experiences - initiations as shifts from one state-of-being to another that enhances our life in some way. All courses are experiential, and allow the student to be fully immersed in the teachings.

We strive to teach the tools and protocols intended to restore each person’s own innate ability to connect with the spiritual realms in a safe, ethical, and culturally neutral way.

The source cultures and teachers that have informed our community and respectfully granted us permission to share what we have learned include those from the Lakota, Apache, Siberian, Peruvian, Brazilian, Egyptian, Nepalian, Celtic, and South African traditions. These teachers and community leaders include Buck Ghosthorse, Paul Ghosthorse, Phil Crazybull, Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Tom Cowan, Betsy Bergstrom, John Lockley, and Bhola Banstola, among others.

LightSong courses and ceremonies are transformational. Our teachings and experiences assist humans in walking in this world in a good way. Each class and ceremony offers a healing and a teaching; we have designed the curriculum to be engaged in for personal growth and healing, and/or to provide cutting edge training for a vocation in shamanic and energy medicine healing.

So, whether your goal is personal growth, understanding your own divinity, joyful attainment of your dreams, or pursuing a path as a shamanic or energy medicine practitioner, our intent is that you experience profound transformation and a renewed sense of purpose when you enroll and engage in LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine.

What is currently happening at LightSong?

At this time, the Spirit of LightSong is taking on a new expression as the founder, Jan Engels-Smith, moves into a different phase of her career as an international speaker and presenter, and is retiring from her position at the school.

Right now, we are examining our alignment with the planet-wide emerging awareness and expanding consciousness specific to teaching and training spiritual and energetic healing modalities. The ceremonies, rituals, and teachings that are found in our curriculum and community activities have been channeled directly from Spirit for the LightSong School and community, or have been gifted to us with the understanding that what has been shared with us will be incorporated into the living curriculum of LightSong. 

We do not knowingly use, borrow, or otherwise appropriate any spiritual traditions outside of our own, or those that have been specifically gifted to us. With integrity, we remain open and willing to examine our practices in order to remain in good relationship with the different cultures, traditions, and the needs of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities.

LightSong School believes that every human has a connection with Spirit, and it is our birthright to remember and practice this connection.

We support students as they build a strong relationship with their own personal Allies (Ally is from the Latin etymology meaning “to bind together”) and Guides that present themselves to each student as a result of their training with us. We encourage students to pursue appropriate relationships with those traditions that are calling to them, and remain open and accepting of others and their beliefs.

At this time, we are still using the word “shamanism” in our school’s name and in our vocabulary. Please continue reading to understand our intention and definition of that term, as it undergoes close scrutiny within and outside our school and community.

Why is it called "21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine?"

Names carry very specific frequencies of vibration, so it is critical that great thought, spiritual exploration, and divine guidance go into choosing a name. This sacred process led us to embracing the essence of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine.

LightSong is the name of the school and LightSong is also a Spirit, an ascension energy. We enjoy exploring the energetics of LightSong as we engage with her and as she lays out the curriculum and ceremonies for the school and community.

Through her spiritual work, Jan discovered that a shift was being called for in how people think of and what they believe the essence or definition of shamanism really is. The old ways and concepts of ancient shamanism contain templates, intentions, and thoughtforms of low frequency energies such as competition, power over, casting out, and wounding. While many of these thoughtforms and beliefs have existed for centuries, the information that the Spirits were teaching Jan did not align with these old ideas and understandings of the practice of shamanism. LightSong wants to make it clear that 21st Century Shamanism is much more ascended, heart-centered, and kind.

The energies represented by 21st Century Shamanism consist of love, neutrality, allowing, win-win situations, and healing for all (including the perpetrators). LightSong's approach is one that requires an unraveling of the old thoughtform, and the building of a thoughtform that is made up of love, devotion, ceremony, and healing. The essence of LightSong is wise witness, discernment, and change to more uplifting, fruitful, effective ways of being and seeing in the world.

Everything on the planet is evolving. Everything vibrates and is in motion. A lack of movement and evolution encourages and fosters stagnation... leading to a feeling of being stuck. Energy is intended to move... stuck energy brings on suffering, illness, and lack of wellness. We call in spiritual energies to help us move, cultivating the upward movement of our own energy system (and that of the earth). This movement promotes growth, change, and evolution.

One of the ways Jan chose to bring this new essence and definition of shamanism into contemporary times was to embed it in name the school. This essence is LightSong-specific and does not in any way negate or deny any other cultures' definition. The name of the school and community are a part of the deepest prayer and intention of the work we do at LightSong.

The teachings and ceremonies at LightSong School are ever evolving and changing. We listen, we practice with integrity, and we welcome you. The training at LightSong is designed to help you discover and bring out what is already within you.

A note from Jan Engels-Smith

If you are reading this message, you could consider yourself part of the inclusive consciousness of LightSong, representing people as living celebrations of blissful communion walking among the enlightened masters, teachers, guides, angels, and power allies in non-ordinary reality who work with us so graciously.

There are particular people on the earth who serve very specific purposes in the greater scheme of the universe. They are curative for others. Their hearts and minds are open. They have integrity and honesty. They are compassionate and humble. Their light shines bright and they are interested in ever increasing their radiance. They continue to self evaluate, learn, share and support. Where they are present there is brightness. Humanity needs them to stimulate the changes and the evolution that is required for survival and progress. These people can create miracles. They are not limited by what they see with ordinary vision. They hold the space in their bodies by holding a vibration of love and radiance no matter what is present in the outside environment. This vibration brings healing to the planet. Spontaneous miracles occur throughout the world because of them.

These people believe in miracles and have the resources to apply direct divine action by employing their allies as well as their true selves to manifest desired outcomes. Healing the planet, and attuning to the age of Aquarius are just two of many significant outcomes that can be manifested through internal power. This magnetic belief is filled with inspiration, hope, divine action and joy. By employing prayer, 21st century shamanic techniques and heart these higher vibrations become physical manifestations.

If you are reading this you either are or can become one of these people. Please align with source energy, merge with your true self, and bring forth your inner shamans.

The higher vibrations of envisioning and believing brings outcome into manifestation. Much of shamanism is what the spirits call for behind the scenes. It does not necessarily require being on the front lines but it does require the fortitude to hold sacred space within yourself.

Let us unite and hold space. I know that mindful and heart centered endeavors will provide new channels and outlets for cutting edge, spirit-driven information to present to those that need that information. This sacred space will also provide miracles to manifest for the Earth and all of her people.

If you truly want to be of service, don’t drop into despair, fear, or worry, as these frequencies only create more of the same. Break out of the old paradigm of powerlessness and be of divine service by envisioning and holding the frequency of knowingness in the availability and awesome outcomes of miracles.

As the founder of LightSong I reach out to you with this message and believe you are attracted to it.

Heart to Hearts, Jan Engels-Smith