Energy Medicine

The LightSong Community is a collaboration of teachers and healers working together to be in service to the world at this time. LightSong's approach is based in the belief that it is the birthright of all people to access the spiritual and energetic realms.

Altered state healing is common to most, if not all, root cultures on this planet. LightSong assists people to remember and retrieve from their cellular memory the ways of healing that have been passed down by our ancestors and carried in our bodies.


Shamanism is an ancient term describing a life style as well as a belief system, which is often present in indigenous societies and has been lost in classic western culture. A shamanic lifestyle incorporates the invisible worlds and conversation and exchange with spirits on a regular basis. A shaman is someone that has built intimate relations with these invisible allies and uses their power and healing abilities to bring their gifts to the planet. Shamanism also incorporates a vast respect for all life and considers all life to be family.

Energy Medicine

LightSong believes that everything is energy. Our thoughts, our emotions, our beliefs, our bodies, our souls... everything. In this way, we believe shamanism and energy medicine are intimately connected.

To connect with the spiritual realms is to connect with energy.

To connect with Nature is to connect with energy.

To connect with your own soul is to connect with energy.

To connect with wounds is to connect with energy.

We believe that energy in its purest state is neutral. It is not good or bad, right or wrong... You cannot create or destroy energy, you can only change its form. And, energy follows intention.  

Our stories are energy that has been charged with a frequency of vibration. This frequency can resonate with us to bring information and healing, or it can become the source of our own suffering. LightSong community members know how to access the energy of their stories, raise the frequency of vibration, and create new ways of understanding.

Shamanism and Energy Medicine

Shamanism and energy medicine are experiencing a grand revival. More and more people seek self-empowerment, alternative healing modalities and connection to nature as well as contemplating the spiritual nature of life. Centuries of oppression and the suppression of spiritual autonomy and freedom, and a movement away from our deep relationship with Earth and Nature have taken their toll on the human soul. We are hovering at the apex of the grandest time in human existence, and find ourselves on the leading edge of a new millennium. Change is upon us.

The compassionate universe supports and is calling for our cultivation of spiritual connection; it is a vibrant choice awaiting those who are called. This call is leading people to seek their divinitytheir connection to and unity with the cosmos. This connection is fundamental to our souls’ well-being, and can be obtained through shamanic and energy medicine processes such as journeying and communion with compassionate helping spirits in a deeply personal way.

Where to find more information:

Jan’s book, Through the Rabbit Hole: Explore and Experience the Shamanic Journey and Energy Medicine is a wonderful starter text to begin your journey into shamanism and energy medicine. The topics in this book are the basis for our gateway course: Level 1: Through the Rabbit Hole: Basic Shamanic Journey

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