LightSong School Shamanic Courses

LightSong offers courses for those with a casual interest in shamanism as well as those who desire to become shamanic practitioners. All courses are taught with the highest of integrity and by highly skilled practitioners.

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The LightSong curriculum encourages a shamanic lifestyle through a philosophy of loving compassion and committed practice. Taken as a purposeful series, LightSong courses provide a cohesive set of trainings full of experiences with time-honored healing techniques, potent initiations, and ceremonies. LightSong courses also provide those with a casual interest in shamanism or a desire to experience personal growth with an opportunity to explore their spirituality from a shamanic perspective.

For the serious practitioner the school provides a curriculum that culminates in a certificate of course completion, as well as an array of courses for continuing education and growth. This curriculum develops a cadre of practitioners who have passed a vast array of initiations, received consistent, effective training, and have committed themselves to acting with the greatest integrity.

Some of the courses described here are intended to build on each other to provide a continuous sequence of training and initiations. Other courses stand on their own and can be taken at any time. Courses are relevant to all people who are committed to developing a strong spiritual practice or to healing themselves, their community, and the Earth. Along with the courses in the curriculum, LightSong provides many opportunities to build community. Some of these community-building events include annual ceremonies such as fire walking and Quest, monthly community sweat lodges, monthly Reiki circles, outdoor tracking opportunities, and drumming and singing circles. When you join LightSong, you not only join a school, but you become part of a loving community.