Ascension, Appreciation, Action By Jan Engels-Smith

Ascension, Appreciation, Action

Ascension and greater consciousness have been my intention for years. I work with the spirits consistently and follow their guidance to the best of my ability. For the past several years the spirits have been diligent about me aligning with the natural rhythms of the earth and stars. Under their guidance, for one year I slept outside under the stars to regain this galactic rhythm. Yes, that means with no tent and yes, it rained and was very cold at certain times. It is amazing the melodies you can construct with the rain hitting a tarp over your sleeping bag. I then had to sleep on the ground in a cave realigning with the Earth, with no light. This was makeshift in my yard with tarps over a picnic table, which seemed to work just great. Now the spirits have asked me to move away from the Gregorian calendar. They have said that to realign with the stars and earth and then to continue to plan according to the Gregorian calendar is counter productive. LightSong dates need to be in astrological alignment not Gregorian. With that said my newsletter will reflect more lunar timing.

The conducts and methods of this world often pull us from our true self instead of aligning with it. Being in alignment with the natural cycles of the planets is minor in comparison to specific devastating thought forms that hold us separate from our mother, the Earth. Through the centuries we have remained caught in an illusion and a delusion that humans have dominance over the Earth and the children (creatures) of the Earth. Indigenous cultures see all of life as interdependent and unified. The stories of indigenous cultures provide a wisdom that exceeds the simple logic that human beings rely on. Human beings have evolved to lose that understanding and to imagine themselves as separate and superior. Mankind’s need to dominate has led him to resist and be blind to the true nature of the living system.

A vital step toward ascension or raising your vibration into higher levels of awareness is being in harmonic resonance with all life, to respect, honor, and devote one self to expressing reverence for all life; to be of service to the whole of life. This does not need to be gallant or noble in effort, but originates from the heart. It is expressed by the feeling of great appreciation — of spending time each day appreciating the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Those who have walked this way may consider this obvious; those new to the idea might find it strange. Independent of your history, the act of appreciation toward the Earth will help heal the dire straits we have created. To literally send the energy of love and appreciation with thoughtful intention to the Earth moves the pendulum on the continuum of life and starts creating a new thought from that will influence humanity positively, a thought form of veneration and respect of life, all her creatures in all its forms visible and non-visible.

Appreciation cuts through inter-dimensional lines of reality and services those of the invisible worlds. We are all together as we move collectively with the Earth into her ascended state of consciousness. All inhabitants are involved. Appreciate, and be in awe of the unseen (faeries, devas, sprits, elves, etc.). Yes, they do exist.

I recently asked the spirits how much do we actually see around us, what kind of percentage? I was dumbfounded when they replied, less than 1%. Wow, we are blind and yet try to have dominance. How arrogant of us.

Earth sings a song of deep unconditional love, which changes the vibration of all things. This song originates from the pure heart of her being; it transforms matter, spiritualizing it into its transcendent form. The Song of the Earth can rectify humankind when humans realize this, appreciate it, and harmonize with it. We can fortify the Earth’s song by sending appreciation to her. She will in turn augment and enrich us with inter-dimensional awareness, feelings of bliss and ecstasy that will well up within your being and you will become one with the One Song, the Universe. This simple, fortifying act can be done throughout your day and definitely during defined meditation times of concentration and focus. The transmutation of your being is without question one of the greatest contributions that you can make to the world. This reminds me of the truth that I live by, which is, it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world is doing; what matters is what I am doing. What vibration am I broadcasting? If I stay in my “Song” I will affect the world in the most positive way.

The other lethal thought form that humans have generated is that they are separate from God, Creator, or Source. This thought form has destroyed vitality, worthiness, inspiration, creativity, and passion amongst humans. Many people behave like beaten dogs with their tail between their legs, hovering, wining, and pitiful. No organization, government, religion, community, or person can give you your worth. It is intrinsic and your connection to Source is unequivocal.

Appreciation is again the healer of this illusionary state. To feel appreciation actually changes your DNA. It creates new connections in your brain and re-patterns thoughtwaves. It reprograms, revitalizes, and reconstructs new harmonic patterns in your lightbody. The feeling transfigures you.

During these turbulent times of chaotic weather patterns, governmental holocaust, environmental distress, be an activist of the highest order. Take action through appreciation! You will not only change yourself you will contribute to the transformation of humanity.