Compassionate Approach to Depossession

The Transmutation of Suffering Beings

Compassionate Spirit Release

Compassionate Spirit Release (CSR) Training is a form of basic shamanic depossession and clearing work that incorporates the partnership of the Light of the Creator and the Heart Light of the practitioner. This partnership, along with the Helping Spirits, aids the clearing process to safely and respectfully free human beings (and animals) from possession by suffering beings of all kinds.

Sometimes, a person who has experienced soul loss or other traumas may find that they have become a host to suffering beings or entities. These suffering beings may live off of a person’s energy and influence them in a variety of ways. Substance abuse, illness, depression, phobias, emotional problems, suicidal tendencies and other issues may be in part due to the influence or overshadowing of beings that have attached to the client.

These beings are, themselves, people whose own death experience has become compromised in such a way that they did not successfully make their own journey to the Light. The Compassionate Spirit Release or depossession is a heartfelt humane therapy that benefits both the client and the attached suffering being, even if that suffering being is reluctant to cross into the Light. This training will teach students spiritual protection as well as methods for spirit release centered depossession.

Article on Depossession by Betsy Bergstrom


The fundamentals of possession and multiple possessions
The nature of the Middle World and overshadowing
Additional Middle World protection and Allies
How to recognize possession and multiple possessions
Techniques for clearing the suffering beings including live demonstrations
Importance of transmutation for the suffering being
Healing required for client’s nervous system and psyche
Post-clearing protocols and aftercare for clients
Personal protocol and care for self, before and after doing this work

This workshop requires a lot of compassion for the afflicted client as well as the suffering beings responsible. Attention is given to the destiny of the cleared suffering beings, ultimately to prevent more or continued possession.

A strong ability to journey and confidence in connecting with Helping Spirits is a necessity.

What our community members say…

Jan’s art is not just teaching shamanic journeying, but in coloring the experience with ancient wisdom, personal experience, and immense joy. This course is pulsed with high-vibrational energy from the very start. Jan weaves indigenous stories with her own as she guides students through a process that is as much awe-inspiring as it is familiar. This material helped me to remember who I truly am. The world needs Jan’s love and art.   

Joe Shoemaker

Wow! Through the Rabbit Hole has been life changing! This information has impacted my life and continues to do so daily in ways I never could have imagined. This technique (or tool) to access information and healing from the spirit realm (or universal consciousness) has not only allowed me to make better choices for myself and to help others, it has opened a doorway to see how magical and magnificent life truly is, how connected we are to "all that is". I have learned to live more fully and be present in my own life, and to have an awareness of being part of Great Love and Great Mystery.

Jan has an amazing ability to teach and to live with an open heart, and she presents material in ways that are easy to understand and to use. She is truly a great teacher and healer!

Pearl Pierce Sh.D.

In Through the Rabbit Hole: Explore and Experience the Shamanic Journey and Energy Medicine, Jan Engels-Smith applies the wisdom she has gained from years of soul-work in various spiritual disciplines to the basic practices of shamanism. As an adept shamanic teacher, she graciously leads the student through the basics of shamanism, answering the many questions that often plague newcomers to shamanic practice. And those who already know the basics of shamanism will find potent reminders of the valuable insights that derive from shamanic practice.

Tom Cowan, Celtic Shaman and author 


Compassionate Spirit Release

Prerequisites: Completion of Level 1, Level 2, at least one Level 3, and Curse Unraveling

Information for the registration and scheduling of this class will be posted as it becomes available. 

Please contact us for more details.

Course details

Cost of class: $1,045 

Non-Refundable Deposit: $325 to secure your place in the class.

Pay-in-Full Discount:  $940 ($615 + the non-refundable deposit of $325) if you pay in full prior to the beginning of class.

Payment Plan: Non-refundable deposit of $325 due before the first day of class, then $60 per month for 12 months. 

Note: We accept credit cards and PayPal, or you can pay by check.

This is a 3-day class.


Do I need a drum or rattle?

Yes! A drum and a rattle are both required to take this course.

What other supplies do I need?

You will need a computer with video (preferably) or a tablet/iPad or cell phone with zoom installed, a journal, and something to cover your eyes. It is suggested that you be in a place where you will not be disturbed during class.

Epsom Salts and sage are good supplies to have on-hand for aftercare.

What if I need extra support?

There are advanced students who are trained assistants available to provide one-on-one support. There is a 5-to-1 ratio of students to assistants.

Also, you will be assigned an assistant to provide additional support between classes. And, you are always welcome to call the LightSong office (503-669-3013) with questions and requests.

Your teachers make themselves readily available for students.