Nature and Awareness Series 

Offerings by Terry Kem of Deerdance

Terry has created a three-part workshop “Language of the Heart” series devoted to the development of inner and outer awareness, and other skills needed for reconnecting and communicating with the natural worlds.

These classes are currently on hold, while we keep our community safe and healthy. Please check back soon.


This full-day course is the first class of the Nature and Awareness workshop series. In this class, the focus will be on practical experiences designed to open channels of perception into the natural world, and develop an awareness of how the Spirit that flows through all things communicates with us. We will be meeting, and exploring relationships with beings of the natural world, and learning how to listen and receive healings and information through 
the Language of the Heart.


This full-day course will be focused on developing relationships with the healers from the Tree Nation, and the worlds of the Winds, and the Waters. You will also have the opportunity to work with others from the natural world that may call to you specifically such as the grasses, the soils, a particular flower or herb, a sky flyer, a swimmer, or a four-legged one from the animal kingdom. All have special gifts and powers. Your unique presence along with your individual questions and intentions will draw to you the ones who wish to assist you on your path. Through guided journeys, expanded awareness, and developing relationships, you will explore how to bring healing through for yourself and others with the partnership and gentle touch of the Earth.


In this full-day course we will use guided journeys to meet special teachers in the three realms of the earth: the Inner-Earth, Land, and Sky Nations. Through their guidance and discernment, we will also experience Mother Earth at the core of her essence. This course is designed to take you more deeply into your relationships with the natural world, allowing you to perceive through the eyes and senses of the nature beings. This will be a day of shifting perceptions, empathy, and ultimately an expansion of your awareness of who you really are.