The Shamanic Art of Calling the Soul Home

Soul retrieval  finds the lost pieces of your divine essence and puts them back into place, thereby restoring the souL

Soul Retrieval is the oldest known healing modality on the planet. National Geographic dates it back 100,000 years. It is being revived in Western Healing practices and takes years off of the need for therapy. It is thorough, mystical, and creates wholeness.

Shamanically speaking, all things are energy. The movement or the transmutation of energy is part of the healing of the soul, which is itself energy. In a healing, the shaman moves out the energy that does not belong to a person and refills him/her with the divine energy that is the essence of that person’s true soul. The theory behind soul retrieval is that there is soul loss when an individual experiences powerful or traumatic situations.

Many times in the process of a soul retrieval information is revealed about a client’s other life experiences. A healing can be done in this other life reality that will actually affect the client’s current life; a phenomenon, which underscores that time, is relative. The spirits have repeatedly said that time is not linear, but holographic, meaning that all things happen at the same moment but in different realities, and that a altering one of these realities automatically alters the others. This is a basic premise of core shamanism... 21st Century Shamanism.

This makes shamanic journeying for soul retrievals, or to visit different lifetimes, possible. The person doing the journey travels into that particular time dimension. The ability to cross into other dimensions means we can relive or view a past event and find healing in what we thought no longer existed. We can remember a future before it is present.



Experience mastery level training course requiring extensive preparation.
Focus on the process and ceremony of healing the phenomenon and issues of soul loss.
Learn how to utilize your relationships with the spirits to track your client’s soul through  time–during this lifetime and other lifetimes–to identify specific incidences of soul loss, and to retrieve these and reincorporate them into the client’s soul.
Work intimately with your helping spirits.
Expand your psychic abilities, further develop your divination skills, and enhance your abilities to interpret and apply metaphorical expressions from non-ordinary reality to restore wholeness and vibrancy to the soul.
Focus extensive time on aftercare, building trust, and soul retrieval altars.
Learn cord-cutting rituals from Egyptian lineages, as well as releasing the bondage of karma, spells, curses, oaths, promises and declarations

Attention is given to the proper use of documentation, intake forms, and follow-up practices. Additional direction is provided to assist the student in creating a practice based in integrity and prosperity.

There will be ample time for questions, review of real-life client scenarios, and feedback on techniques and protocols. 

Ethical considerations and standards are also emphasized and taught.


Soul Retrieval Training

Please contact us for more details.

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 (twice)

Information for the registration and scheduling of this class will be posted as it becomes available.

Course payment details

Cost of the class: $1,745

Non-Refundable Deposit: $575 to secure your place in the class.

Pay-in-Full Discount: $1,570 ($995 + the non-refundable deposit of $575) if you pay in full prior to the beginning of class.

Payment Plan: Non-refundable deposit of $575 due before the first day of class, then $100 per month for 12 months. 

Note: We accept credit cards and PayPal, or you can pay by check. 

This is a 5-day class taught in two separate sessions, one 3-day weekend and one 2-day weekend.

What our community members say…

Jan’s art is not just teaching shamanic journeying, but in coloring the experience with ancient wisdom, personal experience, and immense joy. This course is pulsed with high-vibrational energy from the very start. Jan weaves indigenous stories with her own as she guides students through a process that is as much awe-inspiring as it is familiar. This material helped me to remember who I truly am. The world needs Jan’s love and art.   

Joe Shoemaker

Wow! Through the Rabbit Hole has been life changing! This information has impacted my life and continues to do so daily in ways I never could have imagined. This technique (or tool) to access information and healing from the spirit realm (or universal consciousness) has not only allowed me to make better choices for myself and to help others, it has opened a doorway to see how magical and magnificent life truly is, how connected we are to "all that is". I have learned to live more fully and be present in my own life, and to have an awareness of being part of Great Love and Great Mystery.

Jan has an amazing ability to teach and to live with an open heart, and she presents material in ways that are easy to understand and to use. She is truly a great teacher and healer!

Pearl Pierce Sh.D.

In Through the Rabbit Hole: Explore and Experience the Shamanic Journey and Energy Medicine, Jan Engels-Smith applies the wisdom she has gained from years of soul-work in various spiritual disciplines to the basic practices of shamanism. As an adept shamanic teacher, she graciously leads the student through the basics of shamanism, answering the many questions that often plague newcomers to shamanic practice. And those who already know the basics of shamanism will find potent reminders of the valuable insights that derive from shamanic practice.

Tom Cowan, Celtic Shaman and author 


Do I need a drum or rattle?

Yes! A drum and a rattle are both required to take this course.

Are there other ways I need to prepare?

Yes. You will be required to create and set an altar specific to Soul Retrieval.

What other supplies do I need?

Possibly quartz crystals.  Information will be provided prior to class with details on this subject.

You will need a computer with video (preferably) or a tablet/iPad or cell phone with zoom installed, a journal, and something to cover your eyes. It is suggested that you be in a place where you will not be disturbed during class.

What if I need extra support during class?

There are advanced students who are trained assistants available to provide one-on-one support. There is a 5-to-1 ratio of students to assistants.

Your teachers make themselves readily available to you.