Assistant's Training


Course assisting offers people an opportunity to expand on the many gifts they already have, while also advancing their skills in energy work, teaching and leadership, personal development and empowerment. We hold very specific intentions for the blossoming of these skills as described below.

Our intention is first and foremost to create the team that will best serve LightSong Teachers and the students. We do our best to have a balanced mix of experience levels in our assisting teams to give new assistants the opportunity to learn from more experienced team members. Thank you for your willingness to serve your community in this way. We appreciate you!

Information for the registration and scheduling of this class will be posted as it becomes available.

Pre-requisites for the training:

- Completion of Level 1: Through the Rabbit Hole: Basic Shamanic Journey Skills
- Completion of (or soon to be completed) Level 2: The Practical Shaman
- Deep, abiding commitment to one’s own and other’s learning
- Heartfelt intention to be of service to the instructors and LightSong students through course assisting

Pre-requisites to be considered for assisting in LightSong courses after successful completion of this training:

- Successful completion of LV1 and LV2 to assist in LV1.
- Successful completion of LV2 to assist in LV2.
- Successful completion of two LV3 courses including the Regalia and Healing Ceremonies to assist in LV3.
- Successful completion of a given course as a student prior to making an application to assist for that course.

Process for applying to assist in a LightSong course includes:

Email a request to the Director, Assisting Program that includes the course title and start date of any courses for which you would like to apply as an assistant.
- Make your requests well in advance of the start date.
- LightSong interns receive top priority.
- The Assistant Coordinator will respond back to each request as soon as the teams have been determine.

INformation on assisting


  • • Cultivate a rich and safe environment for spiritual work, charging and keeping the learning environment  filled with light, love and benevolent energy.
  • • Create a powerful vehicle for shamanic journeying through drumming.
  • • Be present in ordinary and non-ordinary realities concurrently, maintaining a balanced state of well-being.
  • • Communicate telepathically with compassionate loving spirits, and bring the
       communications through to ordinary reality and to the people with clarity and purity.
  • • Hold conscious awareness of spiritual energies, and energies that are broadcasted by others such as students in classroom or ceremonial settings, and be able to discern between the two.
  • • Formally call in the spirits through powerful invocation, and set intentions in classroom, ceremonial, and personal settings.
  • • Learn and confidently work with healing and ceremonial songs-both your own personal given songs, and those songs shared within the LightSong community.


  • •   Connect with Spirit.
  • •   Interpret and act from the perspective of the greater good.
  • •   Be fully present and heart-centered.
  • •   Create and work with your own altar.
  • •   Connect with others and be a strong link in the community.
  • •   Confidently lead others in spiritual settings.
  • •   Be proactive in your endeavors.
  • •   Live from a place of integrity.
  • •   Be dependable and follow through on your commitments.
  • •   Perform the basic business and computer skills needed for group and class management.
  • •   Organize and facilitate classes and ceremonies.


  • •   Deeper healing for yourself and others.
  • •   An in-depth and productive understanding of shamanic techniques.
  • •   A greater understanding of how Spirit works through you.
  • •   A more potent personal connection to Spirit.
  • •   Enhanced personal development, growth, and empowerment.
  • •   The joy of exchanging knowledge and experience through service.
  • •   Heartfelt fulfillment in building relationships with and observing growth in LightSong students.
  • •   A true sense of belonging and community.