Whatever Has Been Done, Can Be Undone!

Constructs of energy have pervasive effects and can last for lifetimes.

Spiritual intrusions are constructs of energy that invade your system and can inflict a variety of problems. Some intrusions are minor and we are exposed to them daily. They may cause us to feel tired, irritable, or sad. Other spiritual intrusions can be dramatic and pervasive.

These intrusions are capable of having a lasting effect on a person causing great havoc in one’s life. These spiritual intrusions are caused by curses, spells, oaths, promises, declarations, vows, or contracts. These types of intrusions are often generated from words and great emotion.

In our culture there is very little awareness of the power of words.

In fact most people are quite sloppy with their words. Verbiage is not considered damaging like a physical attack, yet the effects can have devastating results with healing taking much longer.


Shamanism does not view lifetimes as linear: past, present, or future, but as all happening simultaneously. If a spell, curse, oath, promise, declaration, vow or contract was created in another lifetime, and still has a huge amount of life force, then the life force is still very likely alive and activated in a person’s  energy system. In other words, the energy of the “contract” is still in motion and affecting the person in this lifetime.

You will learn to journey into a person’s other lifetimes where the life force is still active and change the situation in that lifetime. This action literally changes the outcome that the person is living today. 

Many people, perhaps all, have some sort of curse or spell on them. Negative self-talk or family phrases can infiltrate into a person’s psyche. A simple comment from a teacher, coach, family member or friend can change a life path for some.

Unconsciously self-imposed curses can bind persons energetically from creating the type of life they want or prevent them from manifesting their dreams. However just as spells or curses can be cast, they can also be unraveled.

Healing can and does occur, often with profound results that manifest in mind boggling proportions.

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Curse Unraveling Course

Prerequisites: Completion of Level 1 and Level 2. 

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What our community members say…

Jan’s art is not just teaching shamanic journeying, but in coloring the experience with ancient wisdom, personal experience, and immense joy. This course is pulsed with high-vibrational energy from the very start. Jan weaves indigenous stories with her own as she guides students through a process that is as much awe-inspiring as it is familiar. This material helped me to remember who I truly am. The world needs Jan’s love and art.   

Joe Shoemaker

Wow! Through the Rabbit Hole has been life changing! This information has impacted my life and continues to do so daily in ways I never could have imagined. This technique (or tool) to access information and healing from the spirit realm (or universal consciousness) has not only allowed me to make better choices for myself and to help others, it has opened a doorway to see how magical and magnificent life truly is, how connected we are to "all that is". I have learned to live more fully and be present in my own life, and to have an awareness of being part of Great Love and Great Mystery.

Jan has an amazing ability to teach and to live with an open heart, and she presents material in ways that are easy to understand and to use. She is truly a great teacher and healer!

Pearl Pierce Sh.D.

In Through the Rabbit Hole: Explore and Experience the Shamanic Journey and Energy Medicine, Jan Engels-Smith applies the wisdom she has gained from years of soul-work in various spiritual disciplines to the basic practices of shamanism. As an adept shamanic teacher, she graciously leads the student through the basics of shamanism, answering the many questions that often plague newcomers to shamanic practice. And those who already know the basics of shamanism will find potent reminders of the valuable insights that derive from shamanic practice.

Tom Cowan, Celtic Shaman and author 


Do I need a drum or rattle?

Yes! A drum and a rattle are both required to take this course.

What other supplies do I need?

You will need a computer with video (preferably) or a tablet/iPad or cell phone with zoom installed, a journal, and something to cover your eyes. It is suggested that you be in a place where you will not be disturbed during class.

What if I need extra support during class?

There are advanced students who are trained assistants available to provide one-on-one support. There is a 5-to-1 ratio of students to assistants.

Also, you will be assigned an assistant to provide additional support between classes. And, you are always welcome to call the LightSong office (503-669-3013) with questions and requests.
Karen and Jan make themselves readily available for students.