Are you aware that we are surrounded by vast amounts of spirits that are here to help you navigate your life?

Are you aware that you are 99.9 percent spirit and that it is natural for you to communicate with the invisible realms in an easy and informative fashion?

Are you aware that developing a relationship with the invisible realms will catapult you into an arena of growth, manifestation, mystery, magic and empowerment?

Are you aware that moving with intention into vast altered states of consciousness opens doors into the unexplored areas of your mind as well as the cosmos.

The time has never been better to immerse yourself in this material.


Call or invoke the Spirits that create sacred space.
Let go of the limitations that have bound you into smallness.
Embody your magnificence and experience abiding joy.
The energy generated with this shift creates a quantum frequency field that is available to all that tap into it.
There are extraordinary possibilities put into motion! Let’s capitalize on this together.

In this class you will:

Refresh your skills and strengthen your relationship with spirit.
Learn how to effectively “call” to each direction invoking a league of allies associated to that direction.
Advance your awareness by utilizing all your senses.
Learn how to contact spirits to be engaged in ritual.
Participants will build relationships with specific spirits.
In working with the four directions, you will discover how to bring in more of the qualities of each direction into your life; learn the teachings that the spirits of each direction bring regarding those qualities; and how your life can be imbued with those qualities.
You will develop personal techniques for creating sacred space with song, instrument and intention.

The class will focus on creating and practicing your unique style of calling to the four directions, dancing your power animal, filling with personal power, and experiencing different journey styles.

In this course, you will:

Practice and refine journey skills.
Call in the spirits and create your own personal invocation. Strong calling songs will develop.
Teachings from the Medicine Wheel: each direction holds particular energies. What message does each direction hold for you?

Build confidence in your relationship with Spirit.
Gain experience and understanding by sharing and having fun with a group of like-minded seekers.
Your relationship with the spirits will be “felt” and capitalized on during the invoking process.
With a strong voice and ritual you will choreograph the energy of the room, filling the room with spirit. Your personal space will become sacred and charged.
It is vital to continue to hone the skills necessary to create a sacred space and fill with personal power.

Course Registration

Invocation Training

Information for the registration and scheduling of this class will be posted as it becomes available.

Prerequisite: Completion of LV1, and completion or current enrollment in LV2.

Cost of class: $450 for this 4-session course.

Non-Refundable Deposit: $90 to secure a place in the circle. The $360 balance is due prior to the start of class.

Note: We accept credit cards via Stripe and PayPal or you can pay by check.