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In the context of our current reality we often suffer from chaotic, low-frequency energy in ways that cause us to suffer illness, depression, pain, and a host of other issues that require significant attention.

Ancient peoples had methods for healing beyond our scope of imagination in today’s world. These methods are effective, thorough, and long-lasting because they focus on you as an energy system and address healing through energy medicine techniques.

Each of us is an energy system—holistic and fully integrated. Our energetic system was designed by the cosmos to operate perfectly and to be capable of constant regeneration. What is missing are the practices, ceremonies and awareness of that truth.

Ageless shamanic techniques can be applied to any situation.

The possibilities are endless.

Join LightSong for the Live ONLINE course as we explore how to:

The energy generated from “like minds gathered together” shifts the collective at a quantum frequency. Personal purpose is discovered and generates feelings of elevated fulfilment from being part of a larger community of well beings.

Prerequisite: Basic shamanic journey skills, i.e. Through the Rabbit Hole: Explore and Experience the Shamanic Journey and Energy Medicine

Level 2 - The Practical Shaman: Spiritual Techniques for the 21st Century Shaman

here’s what you get when you register for the course:

You will not only experience world-class training in shamanic techniques, you will also receive personal healings in every class!

Step 2

Hands-on, experiential style of learning

Step 2

Small group, interactive discussions

Step 2

There are advanced students who are trained assistants available to provide one-on-one support. There is a 5-to-1 ratio of students to assistants.

Step 2

A personal assistant assigned to provide additional support between classes.

Online Course

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Step 6

Access to free community events: Podcasts, Talking Sticks, Reiki Circles, Sound Healing Circles, Drumming and Journey Circles

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Prerequisites for this course are: Completion of LV1 Basic Shamanic Journey

Course payment details

$285 Registration fee (includes 3 mandatory prep classes)

The total price for this 12 month training is $3085 but we are offering a $300 discount when paid in full making the total $2785.

A part of the class requirement is attendance at the Telepathic Communication Practicum, which carries an additional charge of $350. (This is paid as a cash offering at an offering ceremony in June of the year you attend the event.)

To waive the processing fee, you can opt to pay by check. Please make it out to Jan Engels-Smith 832 SW Wilson Court Gresham OR 97080.

We offer payment plans for this course, please contact us with your name, contact details and course interest so we can discuss suitable options.

For additional details please contact

We accept cards via Stripe and PayPal. Register below to get started!  

If you've already paid the deposit at a previous time then you can pay the outstanding balance here:

This 12-month course begins in January and meets 18 times throughout the year.
There are make-up classes scheduled for every class session, in case you have to miss.

Click here for current dates and times

Contact the office for any futher questions.

LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine is the only school that offers Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level degrees. For more information, click here.

What our community members say…

The Level II Shamanic Training class went gloriously beyond my furthest expectations. I met and connected with so many beautiful, kind-hearted, and loving people, in surroundings which were profoundly healing and uplifting. Living each day with the intention to connect with, and learn from, the guiding spirits brought me deep healing and pure joy. I now take time everyday to greet, thank, and honor the spirits, as well as seek their guidance. It’s been amazing how those seemingly simple actions have turned my hectic days at work into peaceful joyful days.
I joyfully look forward to seeing everyone again as I continue on this path to becoming my true self. I will never forget the connections I've made, and the deep healing I received. I am very grateful the spirits guided me to LightSong and paved the way for me to attend these courses.

Cathleen Carroll

I express the most sincere gratitude for the teachings provided in the LightSong level 2 class. All the lessons provide invaluable tools and perspectives, but perhaps the most profound application of the material occurred a mere two weeks ago.

I was on a business trip abroad when I received work (via Facebook of all places), that my very dearest friend from college had passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind a husband and 2 young children. My phone had been turned off due to international fees, so I had missed the call from her family and texts from grieving friends. Most notable, was that a mutual friend expressed great concern to me that Jen’s soul would be lost or confused due to her sudden departure from her body.

Aha, I thought! I know how to handle this!!! So THANK YOU. First and foremost, for transcending my understanding and outlook about death and dying. Second, for providing the tools to help us, the ones left behind, to feel productive, capable and empowered to help in an energetic and spiritual way. And third, for teaching us how powerful words and language are.

All of these things completely shaped my response to these circumstances, and I was able to shift focus from the brevity of life and the sense of loss to a celebration of life, love and healing. This would not have been possible 2 years ago, and LightSong has been life-altering.

Amy Gunn

I am so thankful for Spirit leading me to LightSong! I completely feel myself becoming a hollow bone through which Spirit may travel. The Level 2 class was so incredible. This has been the largest spiritual shift in my life so far. It truly is like our group has filled a longing deep in my soul.  I am now a storyteller, a lover of each day, the confident protector and nurturer of my children, and am more fully loving myself and my many wonderful qualities/gifts. This shift is so great that my whole body is shifting and shedding.

Jennifer Murphy

About The Course Teacher

Pamela teaches LV2 The Practical Shaman: Spiritual Techniques for the 21st Century Shaman

Pamela Rico is a shamanic and energy medicine teacher and practitioner, a social activist, word shaman, and cultural researcher living in Portland, Oregon. She has studied a variety of indigenous wisdom traditions and spiritual technologies for over twenty years, including core shamanism, yoga, meditation, Tibetan Buddhism, Reiki, and energy alchemy.

You may contact Pamela at


Do I need a drum or rattle?

Yes! A drum and a rattle are both required to take this course.

What other supplies do I need?

You will need a computer with video (preferably) or a tablet/iPad or cell phone with zoom installed, a journal, and something to cover your eyes. It is suggested that you be in a place where you will not be disturbed during class. Other supplies will be discussed in your training.

What if I can’t make the date(s)?

There are advanced students who are trained as assistants, who will offer a make-up class, in case you have to miss a class.

What if I need extra support during class?

There are advanced students who are trained assistants available to provide one-on-one support. There is a 5-to-1 ratio of students to assistants.

Also, you will be assigned an assistant to provide additional support between classes. And, you are always welcome to call the LightSong office (503-669-3013) with questions and requests. Pamela and Jan make themselves readily available for students.

What if I miss a class?

There are make-up classes scheduled for every class session, in case you have to miss.

What is the Telepathic Communication Practicum?

This event is held yearly, in July. You can find out more details by clicking here.


LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine is dedicated to the cultivation of thriving, interlaced communities of well beings through the exploration and practice of shamanism and alternative energy medicine.


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