A Vortex of Desire by Jan Engels-Smith

I often listen to Abraham-Hicks material. I find it inspiring. Abraham is a group of spirits or non-physical beings that are channeled through a woman, Esther Hicks. Esther has been working with this group of beings for about 20 years and she has become quite proficient in bringing their message through to the world. I have listened to her for years and marvel at how she has changed because of carrying this higher vibrational energy. Abraham uses the expression, “create a vortex of aspiration or a vortex of what you desire and know that the universe is in motion responding to your desire.”

I like the word vortex because in my mind’s eye I can see a cone-shaped area that is full of my desires, my prayers, and my intentions. It is spinning and there is all this wonderful high frequency energy being broadcasted from the vortex. I can see and sense this energy and know that things are in motion. I can also see in my mind’s eye if I am in the vortex or not. Sometimes the only component missing in my vortex is ME. For whatever reason I am on the outside of my vortex. The only way I can be in the vortex is to be an energetic match for it. I then have an action to take to put me in the vortex. I like action because I am a doer. The action is something that will enable my feelings to change, to bring them up to the high frequency component of the vortex. I know that if I change my thoughts, and decide to think of something fun, or appreciative, my feelings will change accordingly and I can visualize myself hopping into the vortex. It is a game that I play with myself, but it seems to work.