You Possess These Powers…by Jan Engels-Smith


We live in the 21st century—the Age of Aquarius, an age of enlightenment and of new hope—but this new millennium is also the era of rapid change and confusion. We face the ironic condition of a globalization that seems to separate us more than it brings us together. We are in an Information Age that overwhelms us with rapidly accessible data that leaves us with less wisdom and understanding. Messages from the media simultaneously tell us of new advancements in medicine but also new strains of viruses and bacteria. Advances in technology offer opportunities to make our daily life more effortless while threatening us with identity theft and depersonalization in the workplace.

Science allows us to grow more disease-resistant crops in greater abundance while mutating our food into a potentially dangerous combination of new genes that might well create threats to our physical well being. We are confronted with both hope and threat from the same sources. Our sense of confidence in a better life in the future is offset by confusion and a sense of impending doom. How might we find a better way of dealing with our rapidly evolving civilization and create a greater possibility for personal growth and happiness in such a contradictory world?

I believe that there is a way forward that offers the prospect of not only a better life but the means to thrive and exceed all of our limiting expectations. I believe that we have the resources within ourselves to not only heal but to discover extraordinary possibilities for our individual and collective futures. You possess these powers but you need to find a way to unlock them.

In my tenure as a healer, I have immersed myself in two modalities that I feel are umbrellas for wellness. All of the capacities for healing fit under these umbrellas in some fashion. The two modalities are the Laws of Attraction and the basic understanding of shamanism and how it relates to energy medicine. I believe that the Laws of Attraction and shamanism are intertwined and interdependent to the degree that each is in truth a part of the other and the practices associated with both modalities offer the means of strengthening an individual’s power and producing miracles in one’s life. My long- term work with shamanism and energy medicine has created an irrefutable belief in non- physical beings, which I address as spiritual helpers, and I have come to understand the influence of this energy in attracting positive forces into one’s life.

Healing and well being, including shamanic healing, are governed by the Laws of Attraction. I believe in the practical application of shamanic techniques to improve one’s life and an understanding of the basic laws of attraction. When you understand the Laws of Attraction and the principals of shamanism you can be more in control of your life and acquire the ability to heal yourself.