The Bushmen of Africa and Animal Tracking by Jan Engels-Smith

animal tracking

The Bushmen of Africa are known to be the best trackers on the planet. They can track animals on bare rock fin the absence of any visible trail.  In left-brain dominant societies, trackers would look for physical signs, such as broken twigs, impressions in the earth, or other third dimension reality imprints.  The Bushmen “see” the energy residue from the animal.  They are seeing with the clairvoyant eyes of the right brain, which sees the non-physical forms left by the animal.  This energy residue is also full of information.  As Terry Kem teaches in his Nature Awareness classes and animal tracking at LightSong, this energy residue can tell a tracker where the animal is headed, if it is male or female, if it is hungry, what age it is.  It is full of information about the animal because it IS the animal.  A part of its energy has been left behind.  A left-brain thinker can’t even comprehend this concept, much less employ it.