The Untapped Power of the Right Brain Is the Key to Our Ascension by Jan Engels-Smith

The Untapped Power of the Right Brain

Earth itself is in ascension. We are in a process of change that portends the possibility of wonderful differences in the future. The earth is responding to the needs of humanity to connect in more meaningful ways with our highest aspirations for momentous change to our current condition. Our Mother Earth understands better than we that existence can and must offer wonderfully positive purpose for all of us and we have only to connect to understand and benefit.

Using Our Right Brains to Create Powerful New Connections

We often feel that we are buffeted by powerful forces beyond our control. But the earth reminds us that our unity with nature and our recognition that we are part of a larger cosmic force helps us to see the greater power of a spirit that exists in the universe that overwhelms the negative vibrations of the daily news of war, tragedy, and loss. Employing the right brain creates this connection for us and allows us to erase the blind spots in our view of possibilities. Many of us who work in the metaphysical sectors are major right-brain users.

Shamanic values and New Age ideas have offered a different way of being. We have all heard of the concepts of unity and oneness, living in love, and focusing on our commonalities rather than our differences. These ideas are actually fourth- and fifth-dimensional realities. In this realm, we become aware of how we are connected to each other and to the universe. The spirits and the nonphysical beings who share this planet with us are commonly revealed in these dimensions.

I have had the experience of being in many cultures that are right-brain dominant. Their lifestyles are inclusive and alive with spiritual interactions throughout each and every day. The Bushmen of Africa are known to be the best trackers on the planet. They can track animals on bare rock in the absence of any visible trail. In left-brain-dominant societies, trackers would look for physical signs, such as broken twigs, impressions in the earth, or other third-dimensional reality imprints. But the Bushmen “see” the energy residue from the animal. They are seeing with the clairvoyant eyes of the right brain, which see the nonphysical forms left by the animal.

This energy residue is also full of information. As Terry Kem teaches in his Nature Awareness classes at LightSong, this energy residue can tell a tracker where the animal is headed, if it is male or female, if it is hungry, and what age it is. It is full of information about the animal because it is the animal. A part of its energy has been left behind. A left-brain thinker can’t even comprehend this concept, much less employ it.

Time and Manifestation in the Fourth Dimension

Other major characteristics of the right brain are the ability to comprehend the different dimensions. We are born into the third dimension, and Western cultures with left-brain dominance predominantly function in that reality. The fourth dimension offers us greater or more important than anyone else. This is the beginning of our understanding of oneness. The oneness stops being a thought or a concept and becomes a reality felt inside and incorporated into feelings, mental thought, and belief.

How we understand time in the fourth dimension determines how we can manifest and gain access to the deeper meanings and richer benefits of this often-unrealized world. Manifestation has been a hot topic for a couple of decades. Movies, books, workshops, and classes have been taught on how to manifest and gain desired objects, but many people feel discouraged with the length of time it takes to manifest their desires. The spirits told me years ago, back in the early nineties that time acts as a buffer in third-dimensional reality. It actually saves people from self-destructing or damaging others. If people actually manifested everything they thought about instantly, we would have bedlam on Earth because of the undisciplined minds of most.

However, the fourth dimension creates conditions for time that are substantially different from our ordinary reality. Like a dream, fourth-dimensional thought and feelings create reality almost immediately but without the confusion and destructiveness that might otherwise be present in our daily third-dimensional lives. However, the residues of our third-dimensional life often remain in the fourth dimension in the form of fears and doubts that inhibit the full realization that we seek. The progress to the fifth-dimensional reality will lead to the falling away of these fears and a more perfect union with the cosmos.

The Fifth Dimension: the Realm of the Unconditional

In the fifth dimension, there is no illusory limitation and anything is possible. The manifestation of our deepest desires occurs instantly with joy and love in that place where we have dismissed ourselves from artificial constraints of time and limitation. The right brain achieves full dominance in the fifth dimension and we are free and full of love. We are liberated and not restricted to scarcity paradigms that contribute to lower-frequency actions.

In this dimension, we live in the realm of the unconditional — unconditional love, unconditional possibility, and unconditional oneness with the universe. There is complete freedom from judgment; in fact, judgment isn’t even conceivable. We live in harmony and are free to express our true selves. Our true essence is at the helm of our thoughts, actions, and feelings. We can see and communicate with the nonphysical beings that surround us and interact in our lives — power animals, ascended masters and teachers, angels, faeries, and other stellar beings. There is no fear in this plane.

Many of us who practice metaphysics know of these states of being. We experience them regularly. However, existing in these elevated dimensions is usually not a full-time experience.

Often even explaining our mystical experiences forces us into left-brain structures and limited vocabularies, especially if we are speaking or writing in English, which is predominantly a militant language and has few words powerful enough to hold the energy of the mystical experience.

Creating Conditions of Receptivity in Our Third-Dimensional Lives

As we strive for ascension and seek to change our vibrations into higher qualities of purity, we must attend vigorously to creating the conditions of receptiveness by staying focused in our right brain. If we do so, we are constantly reinforced and supported with spiritual interaction and magic, and we are able to better comprehend our amazing existence.

Our challenge is the same as it has always been — to not judge ourselves and to not judge the extraordinary experiences we have while we are journeying or in meditation. Without judgment, we can connect to the feelings of appreciation that can cause elation. When we have these experiences and then try to express them through the filters and structure of left-brain rigidity and judgment, we fail to fully appreciate our experiences. The left brain cannot comprehend these experiences and it is not supposed to. That is not its function.

Ascension is a process that involves many factors. Stimulating and consciously activating the right brain is necessary to the process. We must trigger the right brain to counterbalance the lifetime of conditioning of deferring to the left brain. There are many activities that you can engage in for this process. Journeywork, interacting with nonphysical spirit beings, meditation, reacting to art and music, and daydreaming all contribute to the continual reconditioning of the mind.

I simply like to breathe with the intention of flooding my right brain with oxygen and energy, especially during my quiet times of the day. I envision my right brain turning on, lighting up, and taking a prominent position in my daily functions. It is amazing the feelings that rush through with this activity. Love, appreciation, and expansion flood my body and my fields of energy.

It is a simple and worthy exercise to do throughout the day.

The right brain is the source of imagination, and you will discover that it is receptive to creative and simulative exercises. We may have been born into a third-dimensional reality of limitation and scarcity, but it need not remain our imprisonment for life. The choice to break free from these artificial restraints is ours.