Awaken the Right Brain-A Shamanic Exercise by Jan Engels-Smith

Awaken the right brain

Reading this blog is a very left-brain activity. The goal of this exercise is about trying to move out of that left-brain way of being and more into the right-brain. The left-brain understands and creates the structure of ordinary reality—this is the reality we see as ordinary. It is the way we are accustomed to functioning. When we are working with the spirits, we are working in non-ordinary reality. The right-brain understands and inhabits non-ordinary reality.Bring your awareness into your body to shift your focus and dominance from that very busy mind of the very linear, left-brain, and more into the spaciousness of the un-manifest, or the right-brain. Start by calling your self back into your self. You might ask, “What does that mean?” We get really scattered, we have a busy mind, and it fragments us. I want you to bring yourself present, feel yourself right here. Ask any of your energy that has been scattered to return to you now. Allow your consciousness to come back to your center, and call yourself back in. Notice what starts happening with your body and the shifting of energy. Make sure you keep your breathing nice and deep.Now I want you to consciously open up your crown chakra. Your crown chakra sits right on the top of your head. And just like an aperture of a camera, I want you to see it opening up. And when it opens up like that, light almost immediately starts pouring into it. That light will move down through your face, down thru your neck, and then have it go to your heart. Have it swirl around in your heart, meeting the energy of you. The energy you carry in your heart.And so this beautiful dance is created as these two energies come together. And then I would like you to open the apertures either on your feet or your root chakra, and draw up the energy of the earth, the sacred earth. This beautiful, beautiful planet we live in and on. And drawing this energy up through your root, be sure to get your legs taken care of, and through your abdominal area, through your solar plexus, and again into your heart. And so now you have three energies swirling around there. One from the earth, one from above, and your own personal energy. Just feel your heart expanding and opening, and the energies there are getting larger and larger, and more connected.

Now I would like you to take that energy and send it down your left arm and out your left hand to greet the person next to you or to fill the space you are in. Intentionally say hello to all the beings, seen and unseen, through your energy. Greet them with a purity of truly honoring who they are, to be sharing this space with them. You are saying hello; it is so wonderful to meet you. My heart recognizes your heart. And then bring your attention back to your center. Now have the energy swirling again, and with intention again send it down your right arm and out your right hand and say hello. I am so glad that we are sharing this time together. I want to meet you. Our souls, our energies have come together in a good way. Hello. It is so wonderful to meet you and see you and to be with you. Our lives are now connected in some way, and that is a wonderful thing. And now bring your attention back to your center.

Now, with all of this swirling energy, I would like you to say hello to yourself. Do you ever greet yourself during the day? Do you ever say hello to you, and I’m glad I’m me, I’m glad I’m you. There are two parts inside of us. There is the ego self and there is the True Self. They live simultaneously in our bodies. You are just saying hello, you are appreciating, you are in awe of the wonder of it all. You have woven a beautiful tapestry of light, of connection, of beauty. It holds your container, your circle together.

So could you get a sense of what it was like to direct energy? Could you get a sense of that in your body? And move it in a different direction? Could you get a sense of that change?