Awareness: Apply It To Change by Jan Engels-Smith


We are living in the 21st Century — the Age of Aquarius — an age of enlightenment and of new hope. But this new millennium is also the era of rapid change and confusion. We face the ironic condition of a globalization that seems to separate us more than it brings us together. We are in an Information Age that overwhelms us with rapidly accessible data that leaves us with less wisdom and understanding.

Messages from the media simultaneously tell us of new advancements in medicine, but also new strains of viruses and bacteria. Advances in technology offer opportunities to make our daily life more effortless, while threatening us with identity theft and de-personalization in the workplace. Science allows us to grow more disease-resistant crops in greater abundance, while mutating our food into a potentially dangerous combination of new genes that might well create threats to our physical well-being.

We are confronted with both hope and threat from the same sources. Our sense of confidence in a better life in the future is offset by uncertainty and a sense of impending doom. How might we find a better way of dealing with our rapidly evolving civilization and create a greater possibility for personal growth and happiness in such a contradictory world?

I believe that there is a way forward that offers the prospect of not only a better life, but the means to thrive and exceed all of our limiting expectations. I believe that we have the resources within ourselves to not only heal, but to discover extraordinary possibilities for our individual and collective futures. You possess these powers, but you need to find a way to unlock them.

In my tenure as a healer, I have immersed myself in two modalities that I feel are umbrellas for wellness. All of the capacities for healing fit under these umbrellas in some way. The two modalities are the Laws of Attraction and the basic understanding of Shamanism and how it relates to energy medicine. I believe that the Laws of Attraction and Shamanism are intertwined and interdependent to the degree that each is in truth a part of the other, and that the practices associated with both modalities offer the means of strengthening an individual’s power, resulting in the ability to produce miracles in one’s life.

The universe is governed by a physical condition in which bodies are attracted to each other and stability is achieved by these forces. Celestial masses are drawn into orbits and paths that create solar systems and galaxies that maintain themselves for eons of time. These fundamental laws of gravity sustain existence.

In the same fashion, we are subjected to Laws of Attraction that may create significant conditions that allow for our lives to maintain and improve. But we must exercise options to achieve the maximum positive impact.

Like the Earth’s gravitational force, which draws objects with physical mass to its center, as living beings we are capable of attracting either positive or negative conditions into our surrounding environment and even into our souls. Unlike the constancy of physical gravitational laws, the Laws of Attraction are influenced by our thoughts, and we have choices that we can make to influence what is attracted to us. Like the invisible forces of gravity, the Laws of Attraction impact us regardless of our knowledge of them or our consciousness of their presence.

As a spaceship travels around the moon and returns to Earth, scientists work with an awareness of the effects of gravity to achieve a desired result — the movement of a spacecraft from Earth’s orbit and the return by engaging Earth’s gravitational pull. In a similar fashion, we can make decisions governed by the Laws of Attraction that attract within our “orbits” either positive or negative results. But, like the scientists using the laws of gravity to positive affect, we must understand the Laws of Attraction if we are to be successful in using them to our greatest advantage.

This is an attraction-based universe, and when you ask, it is always answered. If you yell, “I want this!” you attract it. If you yell “I DON’T want this!” you attract it.

Each person has difficult situations they deal with. Write these situations down on a piece of paper and take a good look at them. Even though this might seem arduous it has exception benefits to the process. Create columns and write down the things that you think about them, or say about them. Write down the type of action you put forth about them. Are you yelling, “I don’t want this?” If you are, how can you reframe your perspective? Then write that down, too.

Find a way to reframe your situation so that you can be in alignment with the Laws of Attraction so you can begin to have the laws work for you, not against you. Remember, it is an attraction-based universe.

We are living in a time where it is imperative to change and to become in resonance with what you desire. There is a galactic, predicted, movement that is in motion and you will either ride the wave of, or feel the resistance of the force. Becoming aware of your own attraction powers is elementary and curative to each person. Writing out this simple activity can produce perceptive and insightful rewards.