Apprentices of the New Age by Jan Engels-Smith

Each summer LightSong offers a workshop on Telepathic Communication outdoors in a camp situation. This workshop is a practicum for my LV2 Practical Shaman class and we use the template of the vision quest to experience the profound magic of telepathic communication. Set in Tillamook, Oregon, the land we use is beautiful, with tall trees and lush greenery. The scene is very much like a magical fairy garden, only our garden is 143 acres. I love this land and the opportunity to commune with nature in all its majesty and simplicity.

I recently returned home from this year’s practicum and my whole being reverberates with the blessings, love, and appreciation that we generate when we are together.

This was LightSong’s 26th practicum/quest. The spirits have told me that many of the previous quests have been leading up to this experience and the next quest in 2012. The spirits have revealed a galactic call for the gathering of “beings” from all over the universe to watch, participate and marvel at what has happened in the past and what is to happen in the future as we gather on the land and create a positive vortex of monumental proportions.

Our mission these next two years is to mid-wife the planet as she ascends into her predicted planetary evolution creating a shift in humankind and all other earthly inhabitants. We are in the transition to a prophesied time marked by the ending of three major time period cycles:
·    5,121-year cycle
·    26,000-year cycle
·    62 million-year cycle

The shift to a new age from an era that has lasted for several millennia is happening now.

As I wrote in the spiritual predictions for 2011 published by New Connexions, this year will require very conscious decisions about reality because 2011 portends a time of a dimensional split creating two alternative realities on the earth. This will be a year of great challenges and potential discord because this alteration has the power to split you off from your true spiritual self and from the spiritual path that you seek.

This recently completed practicum gave us essential tools to help those who seek a higher spiritual quality but who have gotten caught in a vortex of false reality. The positive alternate dimensional reality that is available offers the opportunity to embrace one’s true spiritual self more strongly and to reach a goal of peace and tranquility.

The essential tool is appreciation. At the practicum, each morning I journey about the theme of the camp and what the teachings are that set the tone of energy we generate collectively. These journeys have turned into explicit channelings where the information flows out of me and is recorded. This information is invaluable in its substance and clarity in providing direction and a sense of purpose. I will be sharing much of this knowledge in the next few months through my newsletter and other published materials I will make available through the internet.

Our goal in camp is to reach ascension, which is a higher vibratory consciousness that this new dimensional reality offers. The spirits clearly stated that this reality is expressed in the body by the feeling of appreciation. Appreciation as it is understood in this context extends beyond mere gratitude or thankfulness, which are certainly positive qualities. Appreciation is an easier emotion to generate and a higher emotion than joy, but one that we often neglect. Everyone can appreciate something and be consumed with the feeling, whereas the feeling of joy or gratitude can be more challenging to express, especially in difficult situations.

You are surrounded by an infinite number of things that you can appreciate. If you can read this you have the gift of sight and an education that has allowed you to read. Wow, appreciate that. You must also have a computer or access to a computer and the internet to read this. Double Wow! That is miraculous. Feel that deep within yourself, open your heart, look around your world and appreciate. Your effortless movement toward a new consciousness of all that appreciation has to offer will create gateways for you into the emerging new dimension. Your appreciation will serve as a preparation of your spirit to not only align to the new age, but to help create the new reality. We are the creators and apprentices and our appreciation will reveal the way forward.

Practicum Questers 2013