How to Receive Spiritual Messages from Animals by Jan Engels Smith

Are you receiving spiritual messages from animals?

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A huge bald eagle suddenly stopped me on the highway today. A large bald eagle traveled next to my car then landed on the road up ahead in my lane. The eagle stood on the road looking at me while I came to a complete stop about 10 feet from where he stood. There were no other cars, it was just me and the eagle. Then the bird turned and flew off. I am still in awe about this interaction. How do I receive the message this eagle was bringing to me? Are there books that offer guidance? -Adeah W., Iowa


We are born with hundreds of helping allies. Many of them animals, birds, reptiles, etc. When an animal/bird makes specific attempts to catch your attention there is reason, usually a message of some type.

Depending on how much you want this message will determine how much you pursue to understand the experience. To me books like Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews or Animal Cards by Jamie Sands are more about animal totems than animal helping allies. The author provides you a pat answer of the “personality/or totem” of that particular animal. It really has nothing to do with a personal message such as this and can get in the way of your clarity.

I always suggest to my students that they ask the animal first and then look it up in a book so the book doesn’t influence through suggestion in their journey.

The way to get a personal message is multi-layered:
•    You can learn to journey for yourself; going into a specific altered stated to speak with spirit allies.
•    You can ask a shaman to journey for you.
•    You can ask internally and wait for an impression to arise. Impression does not mean visual, it could be an impression of a thought.

Each method is good to use, of course learning to journey for yourself opens up the magically doors of telecommunicating with the spirit realm. I believe that nature is talking to us 24/7 telepathically. A few will ever listen with spirit ears/heart.

When an animal specifically offers a personal interaction such as your eagle did I would say yes, I am listening and pursue. Usually there is a HUGE message that has the potential to take you down a new road of understanding your life.