Nothing Is Lost in God by Jan Engels-Smith

Nothing is lost in God

Several years ago, my family was visiting Sunriver, Oregon, a beautiful vacation spot in central Oregon in the high desert area. The resort where we stayed had many outdoor amenities that we loved. My husband was speaking at a convention, so the kids and I were exploring the resort on our own. We rented bicycles and took off for an outing along their bike trails. My oldest was seven and the twins were five, so when we came upon a giant playground we had to stop. We dismounted and carefully arranged the bikes so that we could lock them up safely. Each child wanted to be keeper of the keys, so I reluctantly separated the keys from the master key ring and divvied them up.

The playground was about 100 yards long with all kinds of wooden play equipment. There were swings, slides, climbing bars, and jungle gyms. The ground was covered in bark dust several inches thick, creating a wonderful, cushioned landing spot– especially if you were five and performing your famous aerial dismount from the swing set. This was truly the perfect play spot. And play we did. We covered the entire area, climbing, sliding, running, chasing, competing and having fun. Hours passed by.

When it was time to leave, we searched our pockets for bike keys only to realize one of them was lost. I despaired when I thought of the massive playground and its thick layer of bark dust.

My heart sank. “There is no way we will ever find it,” I thought.

I immediately started figuring out how we could walk to the bike center, explain the situation, and hopefully get someone to cut off the bike lock. I wondered if the bike center had peanut butter sandwiches available because now I was also dealing with starving children who weren’t interested in delaying their lunch while we took care of this unexpected business. The situation was a bit nerve wracking.

Then a voice came into my head, “Nothing is lost in God.”

I almost laughed out loud as I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding”.

However, I found myself saying to the kids, “Well, let’s give it a try and see if we can find the key.”

We scouted the grounds for about ten minutes with absolutely no luck and I thought, “This is ridiculous; let’s go.”

Again the voice said, “Nothing is lost in God.”

My mind flashed to the things that the spirits had taught me about energy and attraction. I could feel the spirits’ presence and their urging me to remember the laws, to trust, and to act. Spontaneously, I turned and threw the remaining key ring as hard as I could down the length of the playground. It traveled about fifty feet.

My kids looked at me with dumbfounded expressions and gasped, “ What are you doing, mom?”

Not wanting to explain the concept of the Laws of Attraction, I just said, “Oh, playing a game. I was just wondering if the key ring could find the key.”

Being the ages that they were, they thought this was great fun and ran towards the fallen key ring. We all strained our eyes, moving bark dust aside to no avail.

I eventually said, “Oh well, we tried, ” and I thought to myself, “at least I didn’t lose too much face.”

I reached down to get the empty key ring. To all of our amazement, the key ring had landed on top of the missing key!!

Even at the ages of five and seven, the children knew that a miracle had just happened. We all collapsed to the ground in amazement. The joy that we felt was incredible. We were laughing and hugging and kissing each other. We were filled with glee. Spirit was so present and we responded in a totally uninhibited way. We had observed a seemingly impossible situation change before our eyes—the Laws of Attraction had played themselves out.

After the excitement subsided, the kids asked, “How did that happen?”

We began a beautiful dialog. It was the perfect opportunity to talk about spirit and what we choose to believe. I told them of the voice that presented itself to me and what the spirits had taught me before. I explained that I had been presented with a choice. I had the choice to trust the voice or to ignore it. It was up to me to be willing and then to act on faith. Because of my actions, the miracle could manifest.

How many times do we turn away from that small voice within and miss the miracle?

You must understand that I was dealing with very young children and they took this concept to the extreme. For the rest of the afternoon and night, our condo looked like the land of flying objects. The kids were hiding one shoe and throwing the other to find it, or pants were trying to find underwear, or socks were looking for their mates, etc. I had to duck a lot, but it was sure fun to watch them experiment and play this out in their own way. As a result of this experience, I began to grasp the science behind the magical qualities of healing objects.