Love Channeled by Jan Engels-Smith

love channeled

This information came in for a client during a channeling session that is generalized for the public.  It was profound and beautiful and I want to share it.  Read this as if the spirits are speaking to you directly.

The greatest gift you can bring to humanity is to heal yourself.   With that, everything else comes into alignment.  All of you have come from varied histories, some excruciating. You are here to move beyond your history and into a good place.  Healing takes courage, and self-evaluation, which in turn changes the evolution of humanity.  We are not single people enduring doing individual work even though it may feel like it.  We encourage you to continue with your training and your practice, probe deeply into your self, and learn tools and techniques to enhance the process.

Interacting with others is vital in this process. Don’t try to fix others to prove your worth. Don’t use your own energy during interactions, just be present.  Events will appear continuously that will deplete you if you are giving over too much of your power and trying to suck in the needs that you need, which is always the need to be loved or recognized.

But when you stand in balance, using the true self as your resource you will be energized and not depleted. Use the true self as your container.  The true self holds all the love that it needs from an understanding of how loved you are.  You can do anything and not become exhausted from it.

Do events because you enjoy them. Know in your heart, and know in your being that you are adding value to the whole.  No one can harm you; even if your life is taken from you. No one can harm you.  When you stand in love you are eternally protected on all dimensional levels. Love is what it is all about. Love is the answer. To understand this at the deepest level is the quest of the soul and what humanity is based in.  Individuals at certain levels of their evolution ponder these concepts and ponder questions about their life.  However, you do not have to come up with the answers.

What we hope for you is that you will choose to have joy in your life and to know internally that everything that you are doing is valued.  Do you understand? Move into Eagle vision- the bigger picture. See things in multilevel.  Remind yourself to tap into this energy regularly.

Continue with training and make a list of what you like about yourself.

  • How do you see your life as being successful?
  • Who do you want to be for the rest of your life on the planet in this incarnation?
  • How do you want to be seen?
  • How do you want to be remembered?

Do this and you will shine for you are great love and you are an expression of this.