Life Intention By Jan Engels-Smith

Becoming Yourself May2010


It is 2010- what will this year hold for you? What the spirits have taught me is that intention is everything. What you intend will be a major part of what you create. My blessing to you is that you will intend 2008 to be a year of divine happiness. That you will consciously choose a life filled with joy, peace and fulfillment. Once the intention is set your main goal is to energetically be a match for that intention, by consciously and deliberately choosing to see the positive and the goodness. These positive thoughts are an energetic match for happiness, joy, prosperity, success and fulfillment. The Laws of Attraction will work for you instead of against you. As a community of like minded people let’s support each other in this intention for 2010. We can change the world by being the change we desire. Let’s energetically stand hand in hand, heart to heart and decide to choose happiness!

Life is a journey of becoming. The goal of the journey is not in its destination; rather, it is the understanding that emerges from the journey. It is through the journey that wisdom is gained.

Those who are interested in experiencing wisdom must change; they must seek healing. They must look at what they believe and examine why they believe it.

The care of the soul can have magical results; soul retrievals and healings can be life altering. I have witnessed thousands of healings. They were all miraculous, beautiful, loving, and real. I have also witnessed healings that did not last.

Many people do not feel worthy to receive their healings, or they never change bad habits of thinking so the healing seems to dissipate from them. Spirit consistently provides opportunities to heal, but until you make the decision to change your life and to change your thinking, you will find a way to reject the healing.

Our society looks for quick fixes with minimal personal commitment. People schedule healings like they do hair appointments! They expect a new “do,” and it becomes the practitioner’s job to create it. Miracles can occur in an instant, but sustaining the miracles of life requires a personal commitment to change the faulty patterns that created the woundedness. It is a daily job, but one of joy.

We are in a new millennium. Change is upon us. The whole universe supports a new connection for those who choose it. People are seeking their divinity, their connection to Spirit and to God. We are in the transition to the Golden Age — the age in which souls are connected to Source, to God, to Spirit. Heavy veils are lifting.

Our culture historically has not endorsed the magic, the miracles of connection, and Spirit. We have spent hundreds of years out of touch with our own divinity. Many humans have spent lifetimes experiencing the hardships in life — betrayal, doubts, prejudice, abuse, unworthiness, inadequacy, hatred, and war. These lifetimes were not based in love but in fear. Even many who believed in God chose their belief through fear. Judgment, judgment, judgment controlled their behavior and their life. They were either afraid of being judged or they were judging themselves. Many sought connection through another being, someone who had more connection, more worth than they. But this is illusion. Worth is intrinsic, and connection is everyone’s birthright. It is through your healing that the world will heal — that life will heal.

Please take heed of these final words of advice for success along your spiritual path:
· Let go of the people, places, and things that block you from your own growth.
· Forgive.
· Pray and pray and pray.
· Develop a relationship with Spirit — journey, meditate, connect in some way, and trust the information that comes to you.
· Take care of your soul. Contact people who can help you with this care.
· Scrutinize your belief system. Is your core foundation based on fear or love?
· Practice random acts of kindness and compassion.
· Be humble and open.
· Love yourself and all life.
· Learn the Laws of Attraction and the Laws of Allowing and practice them.
· Put your energy into what you want to create for yourself. Do not worry!
· Practice mantras and affirmations.
· Look closely at yourself, your behaviors, and your beliefs, and then make conscious decisions about change.
· Pay attention to what you attract to yourself. Understand how this attraction is linked to your thoughts, actions, and words.
· Determine which core belief is creating your behaviors.
· Remember that you contribute to the collective consciousness with every thought you have. Are you contributing positive energy or reinforcing negativity?
· Get clear as to what you would like to create for yourself. What do you ultimately desire? Visualize yourself living this reality. Be in joy about this!
· Devise ways to remind yourself each day to keep on track with your new way of being.
· Choose rituals and ceremonies to enhance your spiritual connection.
· Get with like-minded people and start building a new community. Support each other and yourself.
· Make a commitment.
· Talk to the spirits and then “feel” their answer.
· Love yourself!

Remember the spirits love you; they want you to be happy and fulfilled. Desire the same for yourself, for happiness is a choice.

Know yourself, honor yourself, take care of yourself, BECOME YOURSELF!