The End of Prophecy: Part 2 by Jan Engels-Smith

The End of Prophecy Part 2

Change is a renewing force, just as stagnation is characterized by atrophy, decay, and death. Change is often distressing because it asks us to step out of our comfort zones, but the alteration of our condition provides a chance to find a greater meaning to our lives, a higher vibration of existence, and the strength and courage that comes from our restoration of the wholeness of the universe.

The prophetic interpretations of the past have focused too stridently on the “end of times” as a destructive force and failed to realize that to go forward, we must go back. The history of humankind has emphasized a movement away from our “natural selves” and toward a belief in control and dominance. The universe now sends clear messages of the errancy of our ego-focused view of existence and self destructive tendencies by exposing the failures of our institutions, policies, and actions; but, in their beneficence, the spirits offer clarity of direction, opportunity for transformation, and the possibility of the greatest of all human achievements—an access to the power of the universe by our reunification with the cosmos.

The great irony of our “advancing” civilization is that we have diminished our power by attempting dominance and that we have created our own problems by the belief in our supremacy.  The prophecies of change are real but, as with many of our misinterpretations, we see lost rather than an opening to unimaginable opportunity, destruction rather than creative possibilities, and an end rather than a beginning. Amid the rubble of our crumbling infrastructures and the collapse of our misguided policies of greed and control, there lies an astounding and boundless resource of transformation—an activation of the choice the universe provides to transform all of existence by the conscious decision to move to a higher plane and to attune to the higher vibrations of a different future.

My prophecies for 2013 and beyond are for the beginnings of:

  • a transfiguration of our planet achieved by an emerging realization of new possibilities for our human relationships;
  • a metamorphosis of our relationship to our natural world that focuses on reintegrating ourselves into the true state of interdependence and mutual support;
  • a conversion to a view of ourselves as one with the universe, gaining simultaneous humility and power; and
  • a change in seeing our difficulties as simply the removal of obstacles to a better life.

It has been said that the Chinese ideogram for “crisis” is a combination of two characters signifying “opportunity” and “danger.” It has been theorized that the meaning of crisis, in this sense, is that there is an opportunity for change and growth or a danger of regression or stagnation. Whether it is an accurate interpretation of Eastern wisdom or not, the concept is valid.

As we alter our thinking , we change the vibrations around us and create intentions that impact all of our universe—we fulfill the ancient prophecies by our actions and we bring about a new reality by the inspired genius of our imaginations. Each of us embodies the prophecies of an end and a new beginning—we are the change we seek.  The crisis for the planet and humankind is real and the choice to be made lies within each of us. I believe that we will exercise the opportunity and fulfill the prophecy of the dawning of a new age.