Visuals: Have you ever seen spirits? by Jan Engels-Smith

Visuals: Have you ever seen spirits?

Have you ever seen spirits in ordinary reality? Have you had a spirit interaction in ordinary reality? Why don’t we talk about that? Do you talk about it with others? When you start doing this work, you really notice your conversations.When we are working with our spirits, we are trying to pay attention to how they communicate with us. Some people are going to be very visual, others auditory, some will feel things in their body. What we are trying to get is a little bit of everything. You will have a dominate sense that comes through.We are all aware of the five major senses: sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. We live in a visual society. We commonly use and hear phrases such as I’ll believe it when I see it. And we have to have things in front of us to say that they are true. For human beings, sight is the weakest sense. Most people wear glasses or contacts. Even the best vision is only 20-20; compared to the animal kingdom, that is very poor. Yet, we build a society on depending on it. Unfortunately, we take that belief into our journeys.I asked the spirits last year, how much do we actually see? Give me a percentage. I can’t “see” you necessarily, I am not that clairvoyant. I can’t see what is all around me. For some reason, I thought it would be something like 20%. They said less than one percent—less than one percent!!! It is like we are blind. We can’t see anything.

I have found that visuals often take you away from getting the most information possible in a journey. The journeyer can get so involved in the visuals that they miss the information available with the other senses. I want you to try your other senses. I can tell you that I don’t see anything; I have a totally black screen, and so does my primary teacher that I learned from, Sandra Ingerman. Completely black, I never get a visual. The detail I get is intricate, but it’s not coming in visually. It is coming into my fields of energy in detail but it is not on a visual screen.

Many of us use the words, “I saw…,” but it is not that we actually saw the visuals; it is just a way of speaking. Visualizing does not mean visual. Visualizing can come in a totally different way for each person. If you are visual, great, if you are not visual it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it.

Each person is unique, and the trick is to allow that uniqueness to flourish and not make yourself wrong. Let it be uniquely how you do it, and let it be perfect.