“No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.” Edmund Burke, 1756

The intent of this article is to help you develop energetic immunity which will bolster your immune system and put you on a trajectory for well-being. 

We are living in an extraordinary time. There is a consistent broadcast of doom and gloom. All of us are exposed to the mass media hysteria of this pandemic. We have come face to face with turbulent times of isolation, governmental holocaust, chaotic weather patterns and environmental distress. This hysteria is epidemic and has a negative effect on your physical immune system. Repeated negative thoughts, such as anger, worry or depression, puts your body into stress overdrive triggering a flight or fight response. This overdrive uploads cortisol and adrenaline hormones into your blood stream. These hormones can contribute to mental health symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia.

I am not saying this to alarm you or for you to toss caution to the wind, I am asking you to become aware of how you are responding to this global broadcast, and how that response is affecting you. 

It is time to pause, breath and notice. 

The spirits have entreated me to instruct people in the ways of processing, confronting and overcoming fear. Here are some facts about fear:

Fear is ego-based. Fear creates a constant stream of stories in our minds.  Many of the elements of these stories use tiny bits of information—some from the past and many from a distorted sense of the future—and blend them with fear to convince us that this story is true. The story may create a case for scarcity or issue judgments or narrow our sense of possibilities. Fear magnifies these thoughts and becomes so compelling that we are convinced that its endless chatter must be true, so we act accordingly. Fear then becomes self-perpetuating. Our failure to resist and control fear results in our failure to act and, in our distorted sense of reality, we “prove” to ourselves that the fear is justified. We commit ourselves to a downward spiral creating failure and that failure multiplies our fears. 

The first effort in overcoming fear is to reframe the story with conscious intention. We must intentionally break the bonds of fear through our awareness of our spirituality, our unity with the universe and the power that this awareness creates. As we are being summoned by evolution to move into higher dimensions, we simultaneously can unleash the power of being at one with the cosmos and fear can be relegated to lesser significance and will cease to dominant our lives. It takes perseverance and diligence to break the bonds of fear; however, it is a necessary function of ascension and one that cannot be overlooked.

Conscious intention to engage with the world from a positive position starts the release of DHEA, a hormone in your body that holds keys to unleash parts of yourself that have laid dormmate and overridden by cortisol and adrenaline. When you connect into the positives, you will experience reduced anxiety and depression, increased energy and vitality, faster healing, the ability to focus, improved sleep, enhanced flow, ease in your day-to-day activities, inner balance, clarity in your thoughts, and you will create your life accordingly.  

So, lets together as a community tap in and start with positive intention for change, safety and empowerment.

During a meditation I was told that every person that is born holds the full capacity to change the world singlehandedly.

In following meditations, I received a download of information. This is an extremely brief description of the Creation Laws, which were at the foundation of the download. The Creation Laws are primary in comprehending our power as human beings and claiming our empowerment as individuals. Both are essential for our evolution and the energies of today. Because of what I have witnessed as an energy medicine practitioner, these laws form my beliefs and much of what I have highlighted for several years in my teachings. My guidance has been insistent and consistent that I don’t only understand the Creation Laws myself but that I live by them and teach them. The Creation Laws are easiest to understand in a creation story.

Every culture has creation stories at their foundation. I am offering you a creation story here to help understand the Creation Laws. Even though it is mystical and metaphorical, my story explains the Creation Laws that govern the universe and all that we know. Creation stories are not intended to be logical or scientific, they are designed from the right side of the brain that houses imaginative explanation and creation. For example, one Native American creation story implies that the land we refer to as North America rides on the back of a giant turtle, referred as Turtle Island.

My Creation Story: 

In the beginning there was The Breath of Creation.

This breath filled man and woman on the Earth.

Through the breath of creation, man and woman on the earth were given charge of being the creator beings of the all the universe. This gave them great joy and great power. They could create anything they wanted or could imagine—anything physical or nonphysical. Thus, they colored their world with stars, galaxies, planets, moons, trees, streams and rocks. They created an exquisite world of beauty, texture and diversity. They also created the unseen worlds of faeries, devas, giants, gods, spirits, intergalactic beings and all the unseen forces of the universe. They developed profound relationships with their non-physical creations.

And, just to make things interesting… they created good and evil.

Individually, through free will, you choose to create the good or the evil. You will never lose this choice. The choice will determine all of existence. At any given moment you can choose differently.    The End.

Beliefs, Feelings and Thoughts

Although your emotions might seem to be thrust upon you; your beliefs, feelings and thoughts are choices that you have the power to exercise or not. And, your beliefs, feelings and thoughts generate those emotions you are experiencing. You can choose to create positive or negative experiences in your life. You will never lose this choice. The choice will impact all of your existence and radiate outward into the universe.  

Positive feelings and thoughts attract positive energies and create realizable affirmations that enrich our lives and promote constructive changes. In the same manner, negative feelings and thoughts attract negative energies and prevent us from achieving the better opportunities that we seek. Constant attention to seeking benevolent outcomes rewards us with wonderful and munificent gifts, often beyond our greatest wishes. 

But how do you reach for the positive or have an optimistic view when the broadcast on the news is so dismal? Fortunately, a wonderful component to energy is that it responds to you almost immediately. It only takes about16 seconds to change your energetic broadcast.

By focusing on high-vibration feelings and thoughts, such as gratitude and appreciation, you can shift your broadcast to a positive frequency. The trick is… how long can you sustain this broadcast to build momentum for the positive energy? 

The Feel Good Challenge

Asking myself this question, and knowing that I needed something to help sustain these feelings, led me to create, among other things, the Feel Good Challenge. The point of the challenge is to assist you in changing your broadcast to a positive flow. Each day I write an inspirational message that I support with 5 positive words. I then ask you, “what words can you find to support this message?”  You write in your words. You can also read the positive words others are writing. If this process takes you about 4 minutes each day or 240 seconds you are well over the 16 second mark for change! You will have been immersed in positive frequencies which in turn change the hormone levels in your body and put you on a trajectory of positive outcomes. The challenge is a free service on Facebook (A private group), which is interactive or on my website which is not interactive but gives you the important information.

This is a service that I offer to you. It is free, easy and fun. I invite you to use this to make a difference in your life. Protect yourself with energetic immunity, and empower yourself with conscious intent. Sign up today and be part of a community of well beings making a difference in the world.   


These offerings are designed to empower you, remind you who you are, and ignite passion, joy and empowerment in your life. Join me and empower yourself!