The drawing on this page is of an ascension pyramid for the New Earth. The pyramid and spiral design (not the classifications) came from the book “Hathors” channeled by Tom Kenyon and denotes ascension for humans. A team of us working at LightSong, (including our spiritual team) used this template to develop the labels to help explain what is needed for the New Earth to manifest in a healthy, productive way.

In order for the New Earth to be fully expressed and actualized on the planet, each corner post needs to be strong. Each corner post is mandatory. If one of the corner posts is weak the spiral of ascension will topple as the spiral rotates and ascends.

The apex of the pyramid with the designation of humanity applies to both a collective and individual reference. Every person needs to apply the foundational attributes into their daily lives. As each person does his or her share, humanity will evolve in a good way. In the gestalt, the whole will be much greater than the individual parts; however, the parts need to be strong in order to create the whole.   Each person needs to become a master of loving kindness.

Let us look at one aspect of this vision for achieving a New Earth. We as humanity have been imprinted with competition, which is emphasized throughout our culture, in schools, sports, media, and workplace. It is everywhere, invasive to our psyche and controlling our behaviors and attitudes. Imprint is a term that describes any kind of phase-sensitive learning. It is rapid and independent of the consequences. The consequences of competition are robbing us of attaining strength in any of the four corners of this New Earth Pyramid. Competition is self-serving and promotes greed and win-lose outcomes. Practice is needed to not be seduced into the competition thought form.

As a young woman in my late 20’s I received my first messages about this. I was a competitive runner and competitive sailor. I often won or placed in events. I found myself endlessly practicing for the purpose of winning, which then resulted in someone else losing. This realization was profound for me as I was seeing how this mindset was in all facets of my life. I made the decision at that young age to not compete anymore, at least not with the gusto that drove my life. I still ran races for the pure joy of it but practiced pulling back near the finish line to let others move ahead of me. I was surprised at how egoically painful this was when results were posted in the paper. Still I was committed to my new way of being.

Through the years I noticed how “kind” I had become. Kindness, helping, and being of service developed and fully bloomed within me. In hindsight I can see how this decision shaped my life for the better; it allowed me to think altruistically.

When I was living in Dallas, I was a counselor working with kids from treatment centers. They weren’t capable of succeeding in high school or functioning in the real world. They seldom made eye contact and they’d cover their face with their hair and remain non-communicative. They didn’t have a sense of personal worth and they felt that nobody wanted them around. At times they appeared menacing to others.

I was thinking, “How can I get through to these kids?”

I was listening to a radio program where there was a discussion about the difference between heaven and hell. One story involved a room where there were lots of very hungry people. There was an enormous cauldron full of hearty soup or stew. All of the people had these long-handled spoons. The handles were so long that the individuals could not get the food on the spoons to their mouths. That was “Hell.”

In the next room, the same scenario existed but the individuals were dipping in the soup and feeding the person across from them. This was “Heaven.”

I took that idea and I asked if I could go to the elementary schools and have the counselors identify the kids that were on a path that might bring them to the same place as the older students I was working with. My plan was to identify early in life when they needed the most attention to alter their trajectory in life.

I then paired the kids that needed attention early in life with the older students who I had been working with. The program took off and it won two prestigious awards.

What happened was that the teenaged kids started changing physically—combing their hair out of their eyes, looking up, participating with enthusiasm in conversations, and actually having conversations. I attribute this to the sense that they had that someone finally cared about them. As mentors for the younger children, they felt valued. The little kids were great because they had someone to buddy with and they responded to the attention from an older student. I learned that we receive in direct proportion to what we give of ourselves in a non-competitive and collaborative way. The result was a win-win-win-win. The younger kids gained, the lost older students gained, the schools gained, and I gained; it was beautiful in all aspects.

The four corners of the ascension pyramid—love, unification, collaboration, and support—are all closely woven together into an attitude of positive interaction. None of the four attributes are the product of a sole action but each involves the interactions of beings that are collectively creating the New Earth by their actions, their words, and their thoughts. The world we seek to alter is one grounded in fragmentation, conflict, and rivalry. Our social system is desperately in need of a change that will refocus all of us on an improvement in which all of humanity will benefit and the individual can succeed not is spite of others but because of our mutual effort.

Climate change is an excellent example of the crises facing humanity and the solution to this challenge can only be achieved through the collaborative efforts of all nations, all economic systems, and all individuals. Fragmented, competitive energies have been employed in a competitive environment by nations and individuals to gain advantage over others. The destruction of the ecosystem was perpetrated so that some might gain much while many more lost a great deal. Ultimately, even the “winners” became losers as every person has had to endure the destructive forces that have fouled our water, air, and land. The solution obviously now lies in our decisions to act collaboratively to limit our selfish devastating actions that serve no one and damage us all. The New Earth is a place of balance acquired through the spiritual ascension of humanity that is grounded in the attributes evidenced in the four corners of the ascension pyramid. The restoration of the natural condition of the earth achieved by all of our actions in concert will bring us back into alignment with the perfection of the cosmos.

Collaboration allows for the both the intellectual and spiritual powers of individuals to create generative solutions that are impossible in isolation. The power of systemic thinking is that the outcome of such collaboration is greater than the sum of all the individual outcomes that might be achieved separately. Generative thinking in a collaborative environment produces ideas, solutions, and spiritual awakening that did not exist prior to the alliance of minds and spirits—except of course in the spiritual realm we seek to access. Collaboration does not lessen the significance of personal mastery and development; in fact, it demands of us a far greater commitment to our personal evolution than might have been expected of us as isolated beings. In collaboration we assist each other in moving in the ascending spiral of universal evolution, ever closer to the New Earth.

Closely tied to the experience of collaboration is the movement to unification. The universe, by definition, is the ultimate form of unity. It is not many things; it is but one thing. Just as Newtonian science created a view of existence as component parts that interrelated but held place as independent elements, so has the new science of quantum theory emerged to redefine existence as a unified whole with individual elements having no meaning except in the context of this oneness. We individually have meaning in the universe only as defined by the meaning of the universe. Separate from this unity, we may exist as some blob of protoplasm but that is merely an existential denotation. When individuals are desperate to find meaning only within their own definition of themselves—the ego—they are fraught with self-doubt or narcissism and struggle with existence. When we evolve to find unity in existence, we realize that we are the universe and the universe is us. Seeing ourselves as unified with all of the cosmos does not diminish us in any way. As a matter of fact and as a matter of spirit, we are elevated to the greatest of significance in this great unity of being.

A third corner of the foundation of the ascension pyramid is support. We are powerful and the products of perfection, but we strive to regain our rightful place in an emerging New Earth. One of the greatest sources of strength for individuals is in the encouragement and assistance of likeminded individuals to nurture and reassure each other in this mutual quest. Within the spiritual community of LightSong, we have accomplished much by the simple act of support. A spiritual community finds compatibility among widely diverse individuals and engages the spirits of many remarkable persons in a common effort by assuring that all are there to help and sustain each individual. Support strengthens not only the person being supported but also the person providing the support. When one expends energy in support of another, the supporter does not lose energy but actually generates greater energy for herself or himself in the act of supporting. Our mutual assistance multiplies the benefit for all involved.

Someone might imagine collaboration, unification, and support in unemotional ways and see these components as actions of the mind and the intellect. They are that, but they are so much more. Without love, the pyramid collapses. When we exist in the true spirit of the universe we are drawn together by a powerful force that is greater than simple reason. We find our true selves in places where our feelings of attachment and common purpose are enhanced by the friendship and honest desire to care for each other, not because we have to but because our recognition of our oneness does not distinguish us as isolated beings without connection. Love is an amorphous reality that defies easy description but exists as surely as the smile of a friend or the laughter of a child. In its true form, it is never competitive but available for all and essential to ascending to the New Earth. Without competition or conditions love has a new definition and this corner post will take much attention to master.

At any given moment each of us can self reflect and decide to make changes. The visual cues of the included diagram can help direct you in your behaviors. You may take this pyramid and apply it to your work environment. Let it change your language, your attitudes and your beliefs. Bring it into your family, your friendships, and your hobbies. Notice yourself and how you have been imprinted by a culture of competition and how changing your attitude away from competition can alter your view of the world and bring you much greater joy and appreciation for a life in ascension.