LightSong Healing center provides extensive training and development opportunities that help individuals to grow spiritually and thrive as well beings. One of the most significant experiences involves participation in a practicum.

This year LightSong had its 31st practicum. The name of the practicum is Telepathic Communication Workshop.  It is part of our second level course titled: “The Practical Shaman: Spiritual Techniques for the 21st Century.”  I teach this course in nature and we all camp together in the Tillamook Rain Forest in Oregon.  It is an aesthetically stunning fairy fern forest and we all thrive in her beauty.  There are usually about a hundred participants.  We eat spirit-filled food and live together in what I feel is a microcosm of the perfect New Earth.  Collaboration, Unification, Support and Love are our cornerstones. As I prepared for the course this year I thought about how I might teach the same thing year after year but with a different emphasis and different approach. Spiritual truths are precise certainties and they cannot be modified, only presented differently. These teachings are ancient and have been taught for thousands of years, and I wanted to make them accessible and impactful for my students.

In the past, I have approached shamanism and telepathic communication through the lens of the Creation Laws, commonly known as the Law of Attraction, which is a metaphysical approach. I often reference the quantum science of these laws.  However, I have found when you have an audience of metaphysically-minded people, the science qualifiers are not usually needed.  These folks accept the teachings without the science, because they feel it’s true.

Because I have a strong science background and I like to be a bridge between the two worlds of science and spirituality I decided to look up and read some of the experiments that would validate the metaphysical beliefs that we already hold.  My research led me into some of the ancient texts, much of it through the Bible. The way most Christians have known the Bible is in an abridged and changed version. But some of the ancient texts written many years or even centuries before the Bible weren’t included in the book form or the original text has since been changed. Many of these documents have been stored in Tibet and Egypt and are available to read on the Internet, some of them scanned and in their original form. 

When you read the original writings about prayer and manifestation from Jesus’s teachings, as well as the some of the writings in the Torah and Koran, you will discover a commonality across cultures and ideologies, especially in the entreaties in how to achieve and attain the things we desire.

Most people pray with supplication, like they are trying to evoke something to happen or become.  The prayers usually fall into one or more of these four categories: ceremonial, meditative, petitioned, or informational. In each of these styles, prayer indicates you want something you don’t have and you need a divine intervention to help you bring it to you.  This style of prayer implies you’re not being in your full power as the creator of the universe. If you are the creator of the universe, who do you ask for assistance? How do you empower yourself to create at the level you want and desire?

The quantum experiments that I read through showed that humans are creating the universe, through FEELINGS or EMOTIONS. I know when I first started studying energy medicine and telepathic communication I thought we created through thought. I believe many people have been and still are confused in believing that thought is the power source for humans. Many people studying metaphysics misheard what contemporary teachings such as “The Secret,” “What the Bleep Do We Know,” and other recent information were saying. Many concluded that if they were to “think” or “say” certain things, they could get whatever they desired. However, it is when you truly feel the emotion of your desired outcome of your prayer that you broadcast in a vibrational emotional frequency that the universe recognizes; and that is when you attract positive results into manifested form. When you embody the feeling, you are then in the place of empowerment, because it is your feeling that then creates or manifests.

A well know scripture verse, John 16:24, in early translation, reads: “Ask and ye shall receive that your joy may be full.”

The original text in translation suggests more: “Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer.  Be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness may be full.”

The clear difference between these two writings is the importance of the word enveloped or to FEEL as if the desire/prayer is already complete and it is all around.  Another thing to notice are the words “ask without hidden motive”.  Energetically if you have a hidden motive that motive will override any words that you may speak; the vibration of the hidden motive will always dominate an energetic broadcast.  To fully embody a feeling, it needs to be a pure feeling— complete and whole in its agenda.

Just before practicum I got very sick. I seldom get sick. This is abnormal for me, for I went nineteen years without getting sick on any level. However, I was so sick that I couldn’t make the last pre-practicum meeting or the sweat lodge that I usually pour before we all leave for the land. I was doing shamanic journeys around this asking my spiritual allies why I was to be so uninvolved with the standard pre-activities.

I knew that my students would be praying for me especially in the sweat lodge, a sacred place of prayer.  I realized while reading the ancient text that I didn’t want people to pray for me because praying for someone was immediately putting them in a disempowered disadvantaged state.  Pulling from the original words of Jesus I wanted people to “FEEL” my vitality. So, I sent word for the people to “feel my vitality for me and it will telepathically transfer to me.”

Now you might be wondering why I didn’t feel my vitality for myself to manifest it for myself? I realized that when you are sick it is very difficult to embody the feelings of vitality even if you are very familiar with them.  In fact I usually live in a state of vitality, but in this weakened state I couldn’t find or even remember the feeling.

I told Lauri, the woman that was to pour the lodge for me, to have people in the lodge feel vitality for me, then telepathically transfer it to me. This was an effort that we have been practicing at the practicum for 31 gatherings.  Lauri gave the teachings exactly as I asked. I went to bed that night about 6:00pm still extremely fatigued and when I woke up, I felt completely different; I felt like something had really changed. I felt alive and vital, although still displaying a few symptoms of my illness. I was feeling quite good and kept getting better as I rekindled that flame of vitality in me that had been reignited.  I was now able to do it for myself.

I learned so much in my illness:

  1. I believe there is always a bigger picture in the events of our lives.  I believe that I got sick to help me teach others how to heal telepathically. 
  2. It gave the participants of the lodge a pre-activity to practice before we went to the land for the practicum.
  3. Sometimes, when people are in a bad way, they can’t find the feelings we’re asking them to find; but we can, as compassionate people, feel it for them. Our feelings instantaneously create.
  4. Telepathic communication implies that there is a transfer going on.  A person sends a feeling to another.  However, the truth is that the effect is instantaneous and not delayed by transfer or transmission. 
  5. We need each other because we are different expressions of each other. As we feel something, another person can immediately share in that feeling without delay or compromise.

I’ve been unfolding this information for myself for quite some time. In my article last month, I wrote about how I asked my spirit allies why my soul retrievals have always been so successful. The spirits gave two reasons: 1) I have the ability to see the wellness in someone; I don’t listen to their problems and identify them by their problems, and 2) I feel their true self totally. In other words, I could embody their wellness in every cell of my body. My embodiment of their wellness serviced them to obtain wellness.

During my preparations and research into the science of healing, I watched a video about a medicine-less hospital in Beijing. The physicians focus their intent and embody the feelings of the patient’s wellness. I watched a film of one of these “surgeries.”  The doctors and nurses were dressed like physicians in scrubs and operating garb and were standing around a sonogram machine. The patient was a woman with a three-inch tumor in her bladder that was inoperable. The sonogram was imaging the tumor and took a still shot of the tumor which was displayed on the left side of the screen. The surgery was then filmed in real time while the healers were watching the sonogram screen. The practitioners (doctors and nurses) had agreed before hand to what feeling they were going to hold during the surgery; they decided it was the feeling of  “already done.” This surgery had no incisions, instruments or anesthesia but was done by chanting and embodying a feeling; the words weren’t important, but the feeling the practitioners could conjure up in their bodies was. Then the chant turned to “now, now, now.”  And within three minutes the tumor had disappeared out of the woman’s body. This is the way this medicine-less hospital works. They do this every day for all kinds of maladies.

Important to the operation was the patient’s feeling that he believed in the possibility of the healing and that it would be successful. The doctors were trained to be focused on how to hold a feeling powerfully and to expect an instantaneous healing. When the power is there, the universe responds instantaneously.

Some of the research in quantum physics suggests that the speed of light, which has been long held as the maximum velocity attainable, may not be the limitation that it had once seemed. Instantaneous effects can be achieved, apparently, across vast distances in space and even appear before the transmission of the event occurs. Our perceptions of time must change if we are to understand such phenomena. In the metaphysical world, the connections across time and space are not limited by a mind restricted to artificial boundaries. We have come to understand that our feelings and deeper sense of reality can shatter the restrictions that we have placed on ourselves in ordinary reality. Science and metaphysics may arrive at the same conclusion, however different may be the journey. Feelings and emotions may be the bridge that supersede the limits of rational thought.

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