Holly Jarvis: Licensed Master Practitioner (LMP)

Let’s do a shout out of congratulations for Holly’s graduation of the Master’s program at LightSong!

“Seven years ago, I heard the call to change the direction of my life and step into my gifts and lineage of healers. It wasn’t an accident that I found my way to the LightSong school where I received such high quality, rigorous training followed by skilled mentoring through the Licensed Master Practitioner Program. 

As a shamanic energy healing master practitioner, I am deeply honored to walk with my clients as they navigate their healing path, to be of loving service as they move into wellness and well-being and reconnect with their whole, magnificent selves. It is moving to support and be a witness to their growing sense of their own authentic self and radiance.

In my practice, I am inspired by my healing allies and the incredible energies and techniques they bring into healing sessions. The sessions are constantly evolving to include the higher frequencies and new patterns of the New Earth. In addition to my classic, shamanic allies and healing methods, I also work with Archangels, Galactic Beings, and Dragons. My training and my personal gifts allow me to transmit to my clients the pure frequencies that these allies bring through which can clear cellular memories and activate higher level chakras and DNA. I am constantly amazed by the powerful shifts in energy patterns that radiate throughout a client’s lifetime, and other lifetimes, and how that sets into motion new trajectories for their lives. With every session new allies, new techniques, and new energies are coming in bringing powerful results for my clients.”

Holly’s healing sessions can be scheduled in person as well as by phone or video. She can be reached at:

[email protected]