Experiencing Shamanism by Jan Engels-Smith

Experiencing Shamanism

Another important tenet of core shamanism to understand is that you are sovereign to yourself. Through spiritual law, you have the right to have only you, in you and around you. The more you learn about that, and own it for yourself, the less likely you will struggle with beings, emotions, and things that are not yours and can intrude. For example, how many of you have ever walked into a building and felt “creeped out”? You can walk into different energies, and you can take them with you.

The more you learn about how to work with energy and how to communicate with your helpers, the more you learn to negotiate and navigate your life in a healthy way.

I believe the shamanic revival that is happening, and the alternative energy revival that is happening in the United States and in Europe has to do with going back to something that is natural. When something is not practiced, there is a sense of disconnect. This disconnect is caused because we are not connecting to the life around us that exists in the spirit form. I asked the spirits in a journey: How much that is around us, do we actually see? And I thought they would say something like 20%. They answered less than one, less than 1%! We are blind!!! You are seeing less than 1% of what is going on around you right now.

Shamanism is a life skill. All people and all children, should learn it.

It teaches you how to navigate the energies that exist in our world, and to be safe. I am not a fear-based person. I do not dwell in the negative, but to say it doesn’t exist is not realistic. It does exist. But you can learn to negotiate and navigate it, so that it is not affecting you in a negative way.

The Basic Shamanic Journey is a very exciting class for me to teach. New people are being introduced to shamanism, and it is an exciting phase in life. I remember when I first started studying and learning about it, and the changes that I felt happening within me. It changed some very different belief patterns I had, as I started to open up and think and be different. I welcome you and hope that this topic for you is extraordinary.

I really believe that the important part of shamanism is the experience of it – it’s the connections that you create, not the ones I tell you about; the ones you create for yourself.

There are a lot of beautiful experiences and ideas in this work. It is based in intention, in love, and in honoring the value in all things. All of this is part of the respect that is at the core of this lifestyle.

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