The First Step Toward Enlightenment: Monitoring of Self by Jan Engels-Smith

monitoring of self

If you understand the laws of energy, you can understand the process of creation and then be directive in what you create in your life. If you are directive, you are utilizing your gift of choice, your sacred free will, to choose the personal thoughts and beliefs, which will manifest in your life. When you realize the power of your thoughts and start to monitor them, you have taken the first step toward creating change for yourself and enlightenment.People struggle when they seek to be this accountable because it requires deliberate and constant attention. However, this struggle is important and the first step toward enlightenment.  Although there are tools that you can use to heighten awareness, such as books, affirmations, mantras, chanting, support groups, and churches, you must consciously monitor what you are thinking or you can negate much of your effort and your healing. People who are awake pay attention to their thoughts. Their attention is centered. They consciously evaluate where they direct their energy and whether their thoughts are serving their highest good. This is a huge undertaking, but the results can be phenomenal.

Let me give you an elementary example:

Bring your attention to your breathing right now. Where is it centered in your body? Is it in your lungs or down in your belly? It is heavy or light? Are you breathing out of your mouth or nose? As you scan your body with your thoughts, you move energy and become aware of an automatic process. You can, by thought and intention, redirect your breathing and your body’s response.

Your body’s energy changes as your thoughts change.

You are, at this very moment, evaluating my example and forming an opinion about it. Your opinion is also energy. Choosing to gain from an exercise will result in a positive outcome or feeling; choosing to think negatively about an exercise will have an adverse effect. You respond to your opinion on an energetic level. Remember everything is energy, including an opinion, which takes form in your thoughts. It springs out of your underlying belief system. Part of this quest is to discover where your opinions come from. In order to do that, you need to look at your basic belief system.

I have found that most people have a belief system that is based on their worth or lack of. Worthiness, being accepted, and loved are major core belief structures that can fuel our every thought and action, including something as basic as an opinion about an exercise in a book.

As you walk the spiritual path and become more conscious, you will scrutinize your feelings, behaviors, and belief system. You will continually ask yourself, “Where is that thought coming from, what made me act that particular way, and why do I feel the way that I do about that certain topic or individual?”

You will learn to detach from your emotions and view yourself as an observer.

The laws help you understand how energy and creation work. You cannot not be creating. Every thought that you have is part of the creation process. Changing your life to become what you ultimately desire starts with Self. Heal yourself first. Spirit has taught me that the only way you can truly heal yourself or reach your fullest potential is to take a long good look at yourself and keep looking. Detach and observe yourself.

Human thought and behavior is activated either by love or fear. Which of these two emotions governs you? If you are not living a life of joy, of peace, of self-confidence, you can be assured that your underlying belief system is based in fear.

All behavior, all invention, all change, and all creation starts with an intention which energy follows. Intention is moving energy with purpose. Intention connected to a deliberate action can have incredible force. To insure that this force operates for the good of oneself and others, you must be sure that you are acting out of love and not from fear.

Being conscious is applying this law with intention. Creation is always happening. It either happens to you or you can make it happen for you. If you are consistently wondering why a certain thing is happening to you, think again. You have free choice. Moment by moment you apply energy to your thoughts. Where is that energy going, and what are you creating for yourself? Your attitude and life reflect your choices. You are in control. This is the difference between being unconscious of the process of creation or being conscious and directive. You cannot, not be creating.