energy healing schoolsThe call to be a Healer is a very personal experience. Once called, where do you turn for education, support, and training? Energy Healing Schools offer very different strategies and tools.

Science shows us that everything is made up of energy. Because we are all energy, the ability to be an Energy Healer provides a path of being in service, offering help to others, and healing for one’s self. The role of the Energy Healing Practitioner is to bring energy back into balance, improving health and bringing harmony to the client.

In your exploration of Energy Healing Schools, finding the one that resonates with you is vitally important. It is also important to understand what method or modality of healing techniques are calling to you. Energy Healing Schools train students to treat a wide range of ailments from anxiety to chronic pain. Energy Healing Schools prepare the student to work alongside mainstream and alternative practitioners. Energy healing is complimentary to all other types of healing. It does not interfere, nor does it take the place, of other healing modalities. It helps provide clarity and integration with all other types of traditional and alternative healing.

If you are being called to be a healer and/or to be healed, finding trusted and respected Energy Healer Schools is your first step. It is important to research the source of the training to discover how well it will fit your needs. Investigate the curriculum, ask how long the school has been around, and be sure there are degree programs to endorse and support your education.

LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine is an Energy Healing School that has been providing excellence in Energy Healer Training for over twenty years. Courses are hands-on and experiential, providing personal healing as well as training to heal others. Programs are available at the Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate level.