Curses Spells Oaths by Jan Engels-Smith

Spiritual intrusions are vibrational intrusions that invade your energy system and can inflict a variety of problems.  Some intrusions are minor and we are exposed to them daily.  They may cause us to feel tired, irritable, or sad.  Other spiritual intrusions can be dramatic and pervasive.  These intrusions are capable of having a lasting effect on a person causing great havoc in one’s life.  These spiritual intrusions are caused by curses, spells, oaths, promises, declarations, vows, or contracts.  These types of intrusions are often generated from words and great emotion.  In our culture there is very little awareness of the power of words. In fact most people are quite sloppy with their words.  Verbiage is not considered damaging like a physical attack, yet the effects can have devastating results with healing taking much longer.

An intention puts things into motion universally. Throughout history and in most cultures, sacrifices or blood ceremonies have been occurred to add extreme power to an intention.  Blood is seen as the ultimate “LIFE FORCE ENERGY”. Our current culture thinks of sacrifice as foreign and primitive, but many cultures still use a form of sacrifice to ensure the power and effectiveness of a ceremony. Chickens in Africa are used daily in ceremonial practice and then used to feed the community.  Even the church refers to the blood of Christ and the body of Christ in their sacraments, and Jesus is referred to as sacrificing himself to save others.

A person may seek many sources of healing by reading books, attending workshops, and making appointments with allopathic and alternative practitioners, but they find that their condition persists.  Chronic pain, misfortune, and failure continue.  One client I saw had chronic weight loss and was down to 118 pounds and no one could figure out what was causing this.

In these types of client situations, I find amazing success by looking into their other lifetimes.  Shamanism does not view lifetimes as linear: past, present, or future, but as all happening simultaneously. If a spell, curse, oath, promise, declaration, vow or contract was created in another lifetime, and still has a huge amount of life force, then the life force is still very likely alive and activated in the client’s energy system. In other words, the energy of the “contract” is still in motion and affecting the person in this lifetime. I journey into the client’s other lifetimes where the life force is still active and change the situation in that lifetime. This action literally changes the outcome that the client is living today.  I find this work fascinating and effective.

In the case of my 118-pound client, I found a curse that had been cast in ancient Egypt.  My client was involved in a power struggle in the Egyptian lifetime and a curse was cast to keep him small, ineffective and subservient to others of authority.  This crippled him in many areas of his life and often he found people taking control and advantage of him.  This especially became activated if he was trying to become independent in career environments.  With the unraveling of the curse, he obtained control over his life and regained the power to make decisions and become healthy and empowered.  He also gained weight and changed his stature considerably.

Curses and spells can be activated in many ways. All you have to do is watch a few movies to see how declarations, vows, and oaths were used in the past. Great ceremonies and rituals often sealed deals and put dynamic energy into motion.  How?  Imagine a scene where two men duel for the love of their lady.  They speak declarations of love, vow to fight to the death and declare their love for all eternity.  One of them dies after spilling blood and takes his vow of everlasting love into the afterlife.  Just because the person died, doesn’t mean the energy died.

In a current lifetime this romantic couple can meet again. The attraction between them reactivates but with different lifetime circumstances and choices this lifetime entails.  This everlasting love declaration can end up creating drama and out of proportion behaviors.  Hundreds of scenarios can be imagined that illustrate the adverse effects of this potent vow that was put into place.

The Hatfield’s and McCoy’s are a classic example of feuding that is passed on energetically to the offspring. The descendants are raised in an environment that automatically sees fault and distain for the other family just because of their name and the history of the original feud.  Now, think of countries that have been feuding for centuries and how ramped up the intense feelings of hatred and jealousy between the two peoples because of the vows, the curses and the spells that have been cast.  These intense emotions mixed with enormous amounts of bloodshed can create a devastating outcome for the future lifetime incarnations of participating souls.

Blood, negative emotion, and fear are often used to control or exert power over others.  The fear of burning in hell has been a controlling devise for centuries and has proven to be effective, harmful, and invasive.  This tactic seems to work to control and scare people because fear builds enormous thought forms that can have a planetary invasiveness affecting others.  The human need to survive is a root chakra that may create an inordinate amount of fear.  If this chakra is out of alignment and dominated by fear, the foundational wellbeing of a person can be altered. With enough individuals expressing this fear, the foundational wellbeing of a culture can be altered.

Many people, perhaps all, have some sort of curse or spell on them.  Negative self-talk or family phrases can infiltrate into a person’s psyche’.  A simple comment from a teacher, coach, family member or friend can change a life path for some. Unconsciously self-imposed curses can bind persons energetically from creating the type of life they want or prevent them from manifesting their dreams. However just as spells or curses can be cast, they can also be unraveled. Healing can and does occur, often with profound results that manifest in mind boggling proportions.