During a meditation I was told that every person is born with the capacity to change the world singlehandedly, and that we must cultivate and employ this gift. The basis of this entreaty from the spirits is the Creation Laws that govern our ability to influence change and provide each individual with remarkable power.

In subsequent meditations I received extensive information. What follows is an extremely brief description of the Creation Laws as they were revealed to me.

The Creation Laws are primary in comprehending our collective power as human beings, and to claim our empowerment as individuals. Both collective and individual actions are essential for our evolution, and to fully employ the Ascension energies that will effect change in the modern world. Because of what I have witnessed as an energy medicine practitioner, these laws have shaped my beliefs and are an integral part of what I have focused on for several years in my teachings. The guidance I have received from the spirits has been insistent and consistent in directing me to study and understand, to live by, and to teach the Creation Laws.

The Creation Laws are easiest to understand in the context of the creation stories that are a part of every culture. Even though the stories are mystical and metaphorical, they help to explain the Creation Laws that govern the universe and provide us with an understanding of the cosmos. Creation stories are not logical or scientific, but emerge from the right side of the brain – the source of imagination and creativity. For example, one Native American creation story depicts the land we term the United States as riding on the back of a giant turtle, and is sometimes referred to as “Turtle Island.”

Like all creation stories, this one begins with The Breath of Creation. And the breath filled every man and woman on the Earth. Through the breath of creation, human beings were given the charge to be the creator beings for the universe. This responsibility gave them great joy and great power. They could create anything they wanted or could imagine – anything physical or non-physical. Thus they colored their world with stars and galaxies, planets and moons, trees, streams and rocks, thus creating an exquisite world of beauty, texture, and diversity. They also created the unseen worlds of faeries, devas, giants, gods, spirits, intergalactic beings, and physical representations of all the unseen forces of the universe. In turn, they developed profound relationships with their non-physical creations.

Just for fun and to make things interesting they also created good and evil.

The Creation Laws govern both the positive and the negative powers of humankind. They are immutable:

  • You will create with your feelings, which are results of your thoughts, your imagination, and your action, all that exists.
  • You will choose to create the good or the evil.
  • You will never lose this choice.
  • At any given moment, you can choose differently.


In the current state of spiritual awakening, we encounter a variety of approaches to achieving self-realization and empowerment. There seem to be many options and you may find yourself moving from one alternative to another and you may even feel a sense of incompleteness and fragmentation in your spiritual life. In the emerging age of new awareness, the one significant quality of transcendence is a new understanding of the wholeness of all things – the oneness of the universe. The fragmentation we feel in our spiritual practice is in conflict with this basic principle, but the sense of divisiveness is the fault of our thinking, not the condition that actually exists.

I have found that shamanism offers a unifying approach that encompasses all of the various practices in its understanding that all of the universe is one entity and that our outdated mechanistic view of fragmented parts is an artificial construct developed in humankind’s effort to control his universe rather than to become a part of it. An example of this unity can be found in two seemingly disparate concepts – one from ancient times (The Chakras) and another that has received much current attention (The Laws of Attraction, which my allies refer to as the Creation Laws). It is important to understand that each principle enhances the other when we practice them in harmony.

The Creation Laws are based on an understanding of the fields of energy that exist in and around us, and offer us the opportunity to influence these fields by the attitudes and intentions that we choose. Positive thoughts attract positive energies and create realizable affirmations that enrich our lives and promote constructive changes. In the same manner, negative thoughts attract negative energies and prevent us from achieving the better opportunities that we seek. Constant attention to seeking benevolent outcomes rewards us with wonderful and munificent gifts, often beyond our greatest wishes. The Creation Laws make us aware that we are the masters of our fate and the determiners of our future wellbeing.

The chakras are also concerned with energy fields and are the centers of our life force in association with vital points in the physical body. Energy flows through seven centers of our body and provides healing and balance to our systems. If the chakras are blocked, one may experience illness, weakness, and disequilibrium in one’s spiritual, physical, and emotional states. Focusing on positive flows of energy through the Creation Laws can serve to open the chakras and promote good health, security, and happiness. It bodes well for us to understand these two energy principles and to consciously exercise our bodies, minds, and spirits to attain the advantages of the wonderful energies that the universe puts at our disposal.

Each of the seven main chakras in the body has a different function in the manifestation of your reality. In their ideal state, the chakras pulse out energy that is healthy and supportive to the wellbeing of an individual. The chakras can move from an ideal state (which you are born into) to a more contaminated state throughout life. This contamination comes from life experiences and the attachments to wounds. Understanding this negatively altered condition is also the beginning of healing. First, we must understand the meaning of the individual chakras in their ideal state.

Many times the chakras close down and become contaminated with beliefs that are incongruent with their ideal state and these are felt as blocks or constrictions in the energy system. For example, if you felt as a young child that you weren’t safe, you weren’t secure, and that you didn’t have a purpose because you were unworthy, that would be pulsed out of your root chakra. This energy then becomes part of your subtle body fields or auric fields of energy and becomes part of your broadcast energy. You then would start manifesting a reality that would support this broadcast, bringing incidences and experiences to you that would prove you aren’t safe or that you are unworthy to be safe. This thinking and believing pattern sets up a cycle, which creates a reality that you come to accept and use as a motivation for your actions and decisions.

The chakras are the engines of our energy broadcasts. Conforming to the Creation Laws, the chakras vibrate outward, engage with like energies, and draw back into our beings the energies that match our intentions. The art of healing oneself is fundamentally grounded in the understanding of our fields of energy, in the choices we make, in the intentions that we establish, and in the energies that we broadcast into our environment.