Communicating with Spirit by Jan Engels-Smith

Communicating with Spirit

There is always something going on, some kind of communication from Spirit. But, unless you are awake to that and unless you are aware of that, you think there is nothing happening, and you will miss it.

There are many different ways to get information from other realms, and journeying is one of them. It is like turning the knobs on a radio to tune in to a particular station. One channel is accessed via meditation, and you get information that way. You tune in to another station and its channeling, and you get information that way; another station is journeying. You can also dialogue with things in a daydream.

When you journey with drums and rattles, it is a different level of information coming in, a deeper level of information. And, yes you can get it telepathically, but I would ask you to experiment. Get information different ways and write it down, then journey and get information that way and write it down, and compare them. See how they are different and see how they are the same. They all have a different quality to them. They are all good sources of information, like different radio stations are good sources of different kinds of music.

By tuning in, your body will experience different sensations, your whole energy field changes. It is the way we know we are moving out of one dimension of reality, that is very structured, very limited, very controlled by the left side of our brain, and into another reality where the spirits are very active in the right side of our brain. We have the capacity to feel them in our body—shivers, a sense of wind blowing—it is different from where we started. All of the space between the space changes too. It moves into a different frequency of vibration. It resonates with what we are doing and would be qualified as sacred space. You can really feel it.

Commit yourself to a daily communication with Spirit through prayer. Your relationship will be enhanced immeasurably. Through meditation, you consciously tune into your spirit form (remember you are a spirit having a human experience, not a human having a spiritual experience) and communication is different in that realm. It doesn’t matter if you understand all the information or the symbols that you receive, but it is important that you be receptive to the information. Spirit will provide the opportunities for you to learn. Trust that.