Many years ago I was working with a client that was a doctor.  His main clientele were patients that had spinal or brain injuries. They were mainly quadriplegic or paraplegic and were suffering on multiple levels—not just the loss of mobility but the sudden dramatic change in life style and livelihood caused by this severe disability.  Many were suffering from depression.  It is hard to imagine how difficult such a life would be.  My client was enthusiastic  about  the soul retrieval process that I had just performed on him and wanted to bring this healing modality to his patients.  The question was how do we reach these men and women?  They were not capable of coming to me for a session and in many cases their situations were so dismal that learning shamanism seemed overwhelming.  My client kept asking me how could we reach these people because he felt that they would heal and acclimate to their new lifestyle much more rapidly if they received a soul retrieval.  I pondered and prayed about this.  As I reviewed the process of soul retrieval, I realized that it is a ceremony of retrieving energy and that anyone could retrieve their soul parts if they knew the method.  A soul retrieval is designed to bring back the pieces of you that have been lost, given away or taken from you. Through individual experiences, usually some sort of trauma, a person loses part of himself. In psychology, it is called “disassociation.” Basically, it is a survival mechanism to withstand the pain of a traumatic or intensely uncomfortable situation. What psychology does not ask is where the lost part goes and how one gets it back. A void then exists in that person’s divine essence. Think of your divine essence, your energy system, as a giant jigsaw puzzle. When you experience a trauma, a piece of the puzzle is lost, leaving an empty space in the puzzle. A soul retrieval retrieves the lost puzzle pieces, bringing about a wholeness of your true self and your divine essence.

Along with that, I believe that all energy follows particular energetic laws of the universe.  The law that I feel governs human life most profoundly is the creation laws, commonly known as the law of attraction, which says, “All energy is liken to its own kind.”  What this law means is that there is a resonance of attraction that pulls like frequencies together. For example, if you hit a tuning fork that is tuned to the note A, a tuning fork across the room will start to vibrate, if it is also A. If the tuning fork across the room is tuned to the note G, nothing will happen.

I believe that all things are made of energy, and so all things vibrate at particular frequencies. Words are energy, thoughts are energy, action is energy and beliefs are energy.  Some energy is high frequency and some energy is low frequency.  Human souls are high frequency energy systems, as are certain words and feelings such as love, laughter, joy, brilliance, radiance, and thankfulness.  The reasons these feelings and words “feel” so good to humans is because they “match” a resonance of our divine essence. Words and feelings such as loss, hate, betrayal, regret, depression, and scarcity are very low frequency vibrations; they are not a match to the true self of the human energy system and they can bring about difficulties for a person.  Good health—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually—comes about when lower frequency vibrations are removed and higher frequency vibrations are instilled in ceremonies such as soul retrieval. 

Energy systems are in constant motion. Energy moves and flows, and energy systems must be maintained.  Just as a battery can get corroded and stop working, so can a human energy system become corroded and break down.  However, with maintenance and recharging, our energy system is sustainable and high-functioning. 

Our indigenous forefathers understood this, and there are many ceremonies and rituals that are used to attend to maintaining the energetic systems of human beings. Soul retrieval is one of these ancient ceremonies. I believe that is why these cultures are notably contented, happy, and crime-free. People who are whole or feel good about themselves handle the ups and downs of life in a wholesome way. When people feel fearful, threatened, or fragmented, their responses to life are extremely different from those who feel trustful, optimistic, whole, and complete. In our culture, we have very little experience with sustaining trust and optimism.

My success as a shamanic practitioner has been extraordinary and I often wondered why I had such amazing results. What was I doing differently from others that created such consistently good responses to the ceremony.  I asked my spirit allies about this.  My allies informed me that one of the things that I am able to do is to see beyond people’s issues or problems and see the divine in them.  The divine that is, of course, healthy, vital, and full of divine essence.  The brilliance of each person. The high vibrational energy of each person. Because I was able to “see” the person this way, it opened the door for this reality to express. In other words the creation laws of attraction were activated. The spirits see us this way, just our divine nature, but rarely do humans gaze upon other humans this way. The question that I pondered was can others find this for themselves. Finding, experiencing, and feeling your own brilliance is healing. Many people are so out of touch with their own true self, their own radiance and brilliance that they have no idea what the true self actually feels like. Once the feeling is “re- membered” of felt, learning how to live from this place of brilliance will become easier.

I also realized that people need to be able to practice this and if their injury or soul loss was extensive they probably would need several soul retrievals.  The event will cause soul loss but then the continual thinking about the event will cause repeatedly more soul loss.  In the ideal world, a person would receive a soul retrieval and then never revisit the harmful event again in their mind.  They will move forward in life dreaming a new dream for and of themselves. Technically we are energy broadcasting towers. We are creating from our emotions with every thought, word, action and belief and broadcasting these emotional energies into the world. If we think more about what is wrong and what we don’t like, we will create more of the same. In fact, most people are creating more of what they don’t want instead of what they do want because the negatives get most of their energy. Manifesting is a cumulative thing. Whatever gets the most energy will win.

The other thing that I did before each session was I did a guided imagery meditation with each client.  The meditation was designed to bring great relaxation and opening of the heart. The meditation also was designed to help shed burdens and remove energetic blocks. Behavioral patterns handed down through family systems are gently removed and dismembered.  I found that the more I could get a person released from their attachment of their wounds, aches, pains, body image, and their perception of themselves the more easily the soul parts returned to them.

I decided I needed to take the sacred shamanic rituals that have been understood and used for centuries and makes them user friendly in today’s contemporary world. They needed to be available for those that were unable to seek out shamanic healing such as my clients patients as well as anyone else. The benefits, the healings and the results of these age-old healing rites need to be available to anyone.

I decided to create and record guided meditations that are based in the ancient shamanic rituals for healing.  I took out all reference to shamanism so the meditations fit in our contemporary world.  I now offer these recorded meditations to the public.  The title of the 3 pack of CD’s is Awaken Unburden Create.  These can be used daily for maximum benefit to maintenance your energy system in a conscious way.  I use them myself regularly.

My intention is that you are happy and that you live life fully from a place of divine radiance and brilliance.  That there is joy and excitement about each new day.  That you are empowered to take care of yourself and to create your life consciously.