Ascension to Higher Dimensions by Jan Engels-Smith

Ascension to Higher Dimensions

Ascension is the act of moving upward, the transcendence of ordinary conditions of existence, the scaling to new heights of awareness and consciousness. The different dimensions we aspire to offer opportunities to create our own conditions of being and to discover the magical qualities of a fully realized life. Such states of reality are available to all but not without a conscious decision to explore the mystical realms of a reality that differs in form and nature from what we have come to accept in our contemporary culture as the natural state. Ascension is not “unnatural” but, in truth, preternatural, going beyond the commonly defined, but limited, definition of nature that our Western culture has imposed on our society.  Ascension to higher dimensions allows one to see the deeper truths of the natural world and to comprehend our oneness with the universe.  This is the truly “natural” condition and defies the artificial attempts to distinguish humankind as a separate and superior entity that chooses to dominate its surroundings rather than seeing all humans as a fully interdependent and integrated element of a universe that is a single unified life form.

We intuitively are aware of the disjointed and incongruous nature of our life within a civilization that struggles to define itself by attempting to justify what we know is inherently wrong and in conflict with our “better selves.” The reliance on the analytical left brain is limited by “facts” too meager to explain even the simplest questions of why we exist or what we can become. The ascension process seeks to balance this logical and rational side of our intellect with the rich and underutilized right brain that employs a sensuous aesthetic that comprehends holistically and draws meaning from sources far more magical and mysterious than we can manage with our left brain alone.

One of the ways we access this creative and imaginative side of our brain is through our dreams.  In dreams, we release our control of our thinking and some interior “autopilot” takes over and we move freely through arenas of thought that we could not access in our waking hours. However, this dream state can be achieved in a waking reverie if we are able to release the artificial bonds of our rational mind—not to become irrational but to access a non-rational state where we become cognizant of a truer reality. If we stand on one side of a wall, we might say that nothing exists on the other side because we cannot see it. In one sense, this is the way the left brain functions in its need for tangible proof.  But what if the proof of what exists on the other side of the wall is accessible to us but not with our normal sight?  If we think of the wall as the barrier imposed by our rational mind, then we might imagine the right brain as the window into the hidden world.  As we ascend through different dimensions, more windows open and more world is revealed.

The Earth itself is in ascension.  We are in a process of change that portends the possibility of wonderful differences in the future.  The Earth is responding to the needs of humanity to connect in more meaningful ways with our highest aspirations for momentous change to our current condition. Our Mother Earth understands better than we that existence must and can offer wonderfully positive purpose for all of us and we have only to connect to understand and benefit. We often feel that we are buffeted by powerful forces beyond our control, but the Earth reminds us that our unity with nature and our recognition that we are part of a larger cosmic force helps us to see the greater power of a spirit that exists in the universe that overwhelms the negative vibrations of the daily news of war, tragedy, and loss. Many of us who work in the metaphysical sectors are major right brain users. Employing the right brain creates this connection for us and allows us to erase the blind spots in our view of possibilities.