Here are some Talking Stick Questions and Answers from our previous calls!

Why am I here on Earth? What is my purpose?

There are so many ways to address this question; this has probably been the most sought-out question of all time, as long as human beings have walked on the Earth. The way I answer this is based on what I’ve learned from my own spirits, because I get this question a lot from people when they come in for healing — especially when people have been very distraught, or feeling like they’re not necessarily on their own path, or understanding why they’re living.

In the big picture, I think the most important thing to realize is that human beings have got this wonderful connection to the Divine — when we allow it to be there. It’s always there, but so often, there’s a veil that comes down that restricts a person from feeling that connection. But one of the overall purposes for human beings’ existence on the planet is to help create — we are the Creator beings that bring things into manifestation, and we evolve and learn from what we are manifesting and what we do.

I believe that we all are on a quest for Happiness, and that Happiness is part of everyone’s  purpose. In fact, most of the time when people ask me that question while I’m working with spirits, spirits will very casually say, “Well, your purpose is to be happy — to enjoy being physical. We don’t get to be physical. We can’t touch…we can’t hold hands…we can’t kiss…we can’t argue…we don’t get to do anything in the physical realm.” In fact, spirits have said, “Why do you think you have such a population explosion? It’s because there are so many spirits that want to be here, in the physical.”

Physicality is quite a wonderful experience to have, from what the spirits are saying. And so, I will most often present Happiness as the correct answer to the question. The physical realm is so desired by the spirit realm — and yet, humans have lost sight of the fact that we are here to be happy.

However, a lot of people want to know what their purpose is in a way more along the lines of, “What’s my job?” Again, spirits will always come around and say, “Find the things that you enjoy — what you enjoy doing. When you enjoy doing something, you’ll feel better, and when you feel better, you’ll create life on the planet in a really positive way.”

When you look at world issues, it can seem overwhelming; but the spirits always say, “Don’t look at the world — look at what you’re doing yourself…and what you’re adding.” It’s all energetics — so, if someone lets themself become distraught, pained, angry, or depressed over the situation of the world, then that actually adds to the problem, since those are all energies.

Some say that we humans are stuck — that we’re limited. When you look at it from the perspective of humans as the Creators, we are limited. However, we have unlimited potential, if people would just take it and reach for the stars.
One philosophy is that we, as spirits, agreed to come here. From my interactions with the spirits, and doing a lot of healing work (which teaches me a tremendous amount about existence, and what the spirits are trying to help us understand) — each and every single situation, and each and every single place where you may find yourself in life, is offering something to your soul that you’re trying to understand. There’s never a moment that someone isn’t learning from someone else. You might even just be learning about your own compassion, or your ability to be compassionate and show up for somebody. That is why we can’t judge someone else’s decision. We can only support them in their learning process, whatever that may be, and so we all grow.

I remember once when the spirits were telling me about people that judge the homeless, and view them as second-class citizens, or as lesser in some way. The spirits told me that so many of those homeless people are angels, who have chosen to come back to this existence to be in very, very difficult situations in order to bring through a really big lesson in teaching for those around them. That made me stand back and realize how amazing it is that everything has this divine purpose — and that our job is to not judge, but to simply be open to Love, in all situations.

My Qi-Gong instructor tells me that every experience in our lives is something that we manifest. How can this be true in every situation — even extreme circumstances, when someone is simply a victim of cause and effect?

I want to emphasize that belief systems are choices. You get to choose whatever you believe, and then — regardless of whatever it is you choose — you will be able to find and to justify your belief system. That’s why everybody on the planet can prove their belief system to be true. And, that’s just part of the way in which we all have alternative, personal realities that we live in.

While I can’t personally answer for your Qi-Gong master, what I can say is from my own experiences as a healer, and as a psychotherapist. As a psychotherapist, I would look at someone’s young childhood, which lots of people spend many, many years of therapy trying to come to terms with. One thing I found is that when we concentrate on the things that happen to us, it keeps us in a very big victim mode, which doesn’t offer any progress for someone in their healing. Again, it’s like energy: saying, “I’m a victim, somebody did something to me” equates to, “I’m powerless, or disempowered, and I can’t make any corrections in my life.” The whole experience is very dismal, and the person just doesn’t get well.

I’ve often instructed people to write out the things that have happened to them, with all the details they can possibly muster up, and all the emotions they can spill out onto the paper. The next step for them is to take the exact same story, and ask themselves, “What did I learn about life?” and, “What qualities did I gain in myself because of these experiences?”

That’s a huge turning point for people, because it is often out of abuse that people will develop great love, understanding, or compassion for humans’ feelings. Often, abused people will say, “Wow, I will never behave that way, because I learned that being ridiculed or criticized had a devastating effect on how well I felt.” And so, that’s answering the question from a psychological viewpoint.

In shamanism, a healer — a shaman — was often put through very rigorous abuse rituals, which they called the shaman’s death. It was through those rituals that — if one survived — they would become really gifted healers. From an energetic viewpoint, I want to emphasize that our life here on the planet is a just a little, tiny, minuscule fraction of who we are. I describe it like this in my classes: if you were to take a triangle and invert it so that the apex is pointed down, that symbolizes your human life; then, if you were to look at the vastly immense rest of the triangle that extends up above you and spreads out, that symbolizes the rest of your essence. You have part of your essence in your body, and that gives you life force; however, you’ve got all this essence that is outside of the body that is still part of your experience.

There is a guiding essence that weighs much more than each of us. It is deciding and selecting what it wants to do and experience in this life for its own evolution. I believe that we are all evolving around understanding Love to the greatest degree. We live in a dualistic universe, where we learn from contrast (if you only experienced hot, then you wouldn’t know what cold is; if you only experienced red, then you would have no concept of what green is).

The contrast while we’re all trying to understand Love at a greater level will often be that which is not Love — and so, one may choose their own path by which to learn about Love.

Who was your firewalking teacher? How did you learn about firewalking? How did you get training on to your students who went on to teach it?

Shaman and anthropologist Michael Harner was a huge teacher for me. I graduated through his Foundation of Shamanic Studies, but there was no connection to firewalking there at that time. Other primary teachers of mine were: Sandra Ingerman; several indigenous people (who you would never find on the internet); elders from indigenous tribes who I studied under (I was adopted into a Lakota tribe about 21 years ago). However, after I became very fluid in working directly with Spirit, I would say that the spirits have been my greatest teachers. I feel that every time I’m journeying, or performing soul retrieval on someone, I’m downloading information to share from these spirits.

As far as firewalking is concerned, I became fascinated with it when I was a little girl (about 12 years old), because of a movie that I had seen. Then, somewhere along the line, about ten years ago, I was invited to a firewalk — I probably walked seven or eight times over the fire that day. After that experience, I wanted to bring it into LightSong, because I felt so empowered from it; I was just fascinated with firewalking.

I hired instructors to come teach firewalking, since I was not certified in it. When I initially brought in instructors, we would only do the firewalk on New Year’s Day. Then LightSong student Karen Hefner became fascinated with it, and went on to receive training at Sundoor in California — so, she became certified, and now Karen is LightSong’s Fire ceremony instructor. I just hand the baton over to Karen when it comes to firewalks.

Firewalks are extremely empowering. People leave saying, “I can do anything!…I’ve walked on Fire!” Although a person’s physical beliefs are all at first telling them, “I can’t do this”, that’s only a belief system. Your belief system is going to create a reality for you, until you decide to change that belief system, or it becomes debunked in some way. Most people’s belief systems are very disempowered, and that has been the state of the human condition for a long time.

What we’re trying to do in LightSong is create communities of wellbeing — and, to feel well, you have to feel good about yourself. We create communities where people feel loved, feel included, and feel supported — all the things that are just good for overall emotional, spiritual, and mental health.

I heard speak of occult mockery — symbols that have been reversed, like the swastika, or even a reversed dollar sign. What can we do about such symbols of ill intent? How we can we protect ourselves from negative input that is directed at people?

The swastika was derived from a sign of the sun that had been used by many traditions as a very empowering sign. The original sun symbol goes way back in history, through many traditions, as a very positive symbol. However, in the Nazi depiction, they reversed it.

There is input all around us; we are constantly surrounded by subliminal messages. The music in the shopping mall is filled with subliminal messages. The important thing is to not go into fear, but rather to realize that when you hold your own — when you are filed with positive life force; when you are taking care of yourself in really positive ways; when you think in really optimistic ways — those positive energies will transmute you into a non-vibrational match for anything that anybody’s trying to do to you.

The way to protect yourself is to stay in higher vibrations than the other, insidious messages around you. If people were to pay more attention to what they’re doing, rather than what other people are doing — if they made a point of being more aware of themselves, and being positive, loving, optimistic, and conscious of the words they say and the thoughts they think — then the world would be a much better place! When you’re not a match for the low frequencies, the low frequencies cannot do harm to you.

There is always an infusion process that is happening through symbols that have meanings and definitions attached to them — we’re infused with letters when we read; we see geometric symbols all around, every day; we hear words when we watch TV. The important thing is to pay attention to what it is that one is putting into their mind, and how they are responding to it. To do so is simply good health, because everything is energy: a word is energy…a symbol is energy…a thought is energy.

To remove the casing of how something is presented, and simply look at it as an energetic vibration, makes it easier to understand how that thing is going to affect a person — and if a person keeps their vibration at a higher level, then the lower levels don’t attach to them, because they can’t adhere to them. Things have to be of a like vibration in order for there to be a resonance between them.

For example, if you had tuning forks, and you had an A and a G, with the A down at one end of a football field and the G at the other end, you could hit that A until you turn blue in the face…but that G is never going to tone, down at the other end. However, if you have an A at one end, and an A at the other end; then if you hit that A, the A at the other end will tone, because there’s going to be a frequency. Another example is radio — you could be wanting to listen to 96.7 FM, but if you’ve got your dial tuned to 89.1 FM, then you’re just not going to hear the frequency that you want, because the don’t match. However, once you tune your radio to 96.7, then you’ve got that sound coming through. Everything else in the world is frequency, too.

In life, it boils down to high-frequency or low-frequency. High-frequency things are very healing, energizing, and good for you — because, as human beings, we’re basically high-frequency systems. On the other hand, when you’re doing, and exposing yourself to, things are low-frequency, then negative is going to beget negative — you’ll do damage to your thoughts, you’ll do damage to your emotions, and you’ll eventually do damage to your body. That’s basically how, energetically, illnesses are created — a person is thinking mostly negative, and, eventually, something wears down in the body.

On the other hand, in the case of a child that is born with an illness from the womb — that may be an experience that the child was wishing to be born into. We incarnate with particular purposes, and that is the result of an energetic soul that is making decisions. An illness from birth is not the result of low frequencies; rather, the reality is that there is just so much more of us going on, than what our little minds are privy to.

I have been having dreams about ayahuasca. Why would this be? Does ayahuasca — can ayahuasca — call to a person?

I would say that ayahuasca does not call; if one dreams about it, it is because they have a desire somewhere in their existence. The plant of ayahuasca is a spirit — which I, personally, have never taken. However, I have worked with a lot of people who have taken it, and after having learned much about the spirit through that work, I would say that it does not call. Again, you might have some sort of underlying desire to use it, or you are curious about it, and that brings it into your dream time.

How is it possible for someone to energetically manifest things into their life that they believe will be of positive influence, but which are not nearby, and not organic (organic as in, of a living being) — for example, something like abundance? It’s not always possible to feel positive and expansive — you can’t be in that state of such high frequencies constantly — so, how does one go about manifesting beyond what’s close and organic?

I want to begin by emphasizing the belief system that is reflected in the wording of this inquiry. First, the word difficult is used, which is a pretty big resistance not only to anything that I’m going to say here, but also to oneself, and any progress that they are going to make. There is also the statement that a person can’t live in higher frequencies all the time.

In my experience, it is a process of change — a process of transmutation of a person’s energy field, which is going to happen for each individual in their own specific way. The more one exposes themself to and practices things, the higher the success they’ll have. Lots of times when people practice, they’ll look at what is not working, or why progress is taking so long. It is a manner of focusing the mind.

In the U.S., we come from a culture that has done everything possible to not focus the mind; we’ve got TV commercials down to the nanosecond, which they say is people’s attention span. We do not, in the U.S., teach meditation, or being still, to children; in fact, most people put their kids in front of either video games or television, which are counter-productive to a focused mind. We have a lot of challenges to overcome, regarding all the downloads that we’ve all received from growing up in this culture.

I put out something on my website called the Feel Good Challenge, which was guided by spirits that came to me and pointed out that people are struggling a lot — it’s hard to always tell people, “Read this book!” or, “Take this class!” The spirits said to create something that would be very easy, fun, effective, and helpful in this ploy of helping people to just generally feel better.

Again, when we read things, we are infused with energy. The spirits told me to write a feel-good message each day, then choose some words to endorse it, and then have other people choose some words to endorse it once they read the message themselves. That way, people would not only be getting my words, and my message, but would have to focus in on the words themselves. The purpose of one focusing on the words is to change one’s energy. It only takes 16 seconds to change your energy — it’s very quick. And so, a person focusing on the words, and coming up with their own high-frequency words, will be affected by doing just that. And then, being exposed to the positive words from other people has an effect, as well. It’s all an infusion process.

The spirits are working diligently to expose people to things that are easily accessible, and have a big impact on change for the person. However, as the old adage goes: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make ‘em drink. You can keep putting things out there over and over again, but basically, someone has to participate in order to reap any benefit. A person has to reprogram themself, look at their belief systems, and ask themself: “Why do I believe this?”…“What in my history is making me believe this?”…“Where did this come from?”

Most belief systems are handed to us by our parents, or by our culture. Very few people will take the time to actually investigate why they believe whatever it is that they believe. The spirits call it blind belief — someone just blindly takes it on, because somebody handed it to them. Those belief systems are absolutely at the helm of one’s manifesting. They determine how one manifests — and, it’s important to re-emphasize that human beings are always manifesting. As Creator beings, we are manifesting machines — you cannot not be manifesting.

However, more people will manifest what it is they don’t want, than what it is they do want, because it’s the negative that gets more energy and belief. People will say that something is impossible, or difficult, or that people can’t do this — and they’ll get results that are in accordance with those beliefs. Always.

My suggestion for someone who believes that they already are doing their absolute best in the world, to no avail — that they are persevering at some particular task, and trying to be open, and yet finding that things are not happening in their lives that feel good — would be this:

Let yourself get lost in a daydream. Really allow yourself to get lost in illusions of grandeur: what you want…how you want it…and, just feel great about that dream. Whenever you have idle time in your mind, move into that daydream instead of worry.

The more that one can hold onto that dream, and the joy and enthusiasm that come with it — rather than look at the things that others in the world are doing around them (regardless of what those things are) and worry — the greater the energetic impact.

Since we’re Creator beings, we’re always able to manifest, regardless of what anybody else around us is doing. Ultimately, both time spent daydreaming and time spent worrying are going to have impacts — it’s just a matter of which one receives a person’s attention.

Everyone is always welcome to attend my classes. I believe that classes are the greatest thing that I have to offer to people; they are precisely what turned my world upside down and inside out, taking me out of sundry belief systems that were very different from those I have now. Experiencing things, and taking action, is always more effective than trying to read things on one’s own. That way, one has the support of a group, their own hands-on trainings, and their own experiences with Spirit — and, one’s own experiences with Spirit are absolutely, miraculously life-changing

Could you speak about the connections the exist between shamanism and beliefs, and personal growth?

I actually am moving somewhat away from the word shamanism in my own practice. Even though I’ve dedicated my adult life to bringing through shamanic prototypes, protocols, templates, and ways of doing things from ancient cultures, I am now moving to the definition energy medicine. It simply is a better description, due to the fact that everything is energy — everything that you could think of, including the space between space. Energy all has a frequency of vibration, and that frequency attracts other things of the same frequency. (As I’ve mentioned before, it’s like tuning a radio station.)
Since everything is energy, our beliefs are energy. Those beliefs sit in our bodies — within the energy vortices of the body, known as chakras. Most people primarily look at the seven main chakras that follow down the midline of the body, from the crown and down to the root — but there are actually about 147 chakras that exist in the body beyond the main seven. Those vortices of energy are the housing places of our beliefs (mostly chakras from the throat down; not too much in the head).

We then broadcast the beliefs that we choose to believe from these vortices. People really are energy systems. Our bodies constitute a minor part of who we are; we mostly are energy systems, just like everything else. That’s how energy medicine works. The personal growth that people usually are interested in — when looking for change, or some sort of life improvement — will originate from changes in particular belief systems, since belief systems are what hold people within particular energy patterns. Once you break a particular pattern by shifting it into a new belief, then you will achieve a new outcome.

I’ve also found that because we can understand things intellectually (or not), and that since we live in these physical bodies, we like to experience things. The experiences that we have then solidify our beliefs. The problem with relying on experiences is, since beliefs will draw to you whatever it is that believe, you can solidify belief in things that are not working well for you, or are faulty to your wellbeing.

Anyone can justify and rationalize their belief systems by “proving” them — they can say, “Well, I believe this, and it keeps happening over and over again — so, it must be true!” Energetically, however, the reason that it happens over and over again is because they believe it.

The ideal for personal growth is: you design a belief system that you would like to have, or which is your ideal; you begin to use verbiage around that, and start talking in that way; you start sharing new experiences that you have through that belief system. You give your belief system a lot of air-time, so to speak — you share it…you write about it…you think about it…you journey about it…you meditate about it.

As you’re doing those things, you’re repatterning your belief system. As you repattern your belief system by giving it more air-time, you’re giving it more sustenance, and you then start attracting things that are of that new broadcast. Again, let’s say that you’ve changed your radio station from 101.9 FM to 98.6. That new broadcast station will bring in new reality to you.

I’ve been working on changing my beliefs for a very long time, and there are just those last pieces, of a lot of things, that I just haven’t gotten rid of — probably down on the cellular level. Are there any techniques or ceremonies for purging, and just getting that last bit of gunk out?

There are many things that can help with just that — that’s where working with a practitioner, with energy medicine, or with shamanism comes into play. There is a lot that we can do on our own, but sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees, or you’re so ingrained in your own particular patterns that you’re not even aware that they’re there.

When participating in some of these particular ceremonies or rituals that have been around for literally hundreds, if not thousands of years, and doing some of these unwindings — they most definitely can be done for you, when you’re unable. You can put an intention out there to the spirits, or to a practitioner that might be working with you. A practitioner will be looking at things purely energetically, without all the emotional charges that a belief system will bring through, and so can see it from a different perspective than you’re able to. That’s why we have all of these techniques and medicines.

We live in a Western culture that is dominated by left-brain, rational, intellectual thinking. Meanwhile, all of these techniques and procedures really are right-brain, creative practices — magical, in that way. Dreamtime, which we all experience, is the best example of the magic that happens in the right brain. We realize that dreams do not follow physical law — one can be flying, one can stuck, or one can be changing from one modality to another, with no rhyme or reason behind it. Dreams do not follow physical law, and that also behooves magic, imagination, and creation.

All of creation comes from the right brain. Thus, you can create a new way of being from the right brain. A practitioner works through bringing those right-brain experiences to you, and literally restructuring some of the energy matrices and energy patterns that have been put into place. Anything that’s been created can be dissembled and put into a new pattern. That’s why people can experience these big transformations through healings, and afterwards be remarking at how, all of a sudden, they feel really different.

Healing is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful way to help people, and to be of service to them. It isn’t like psychology, where you discuss, and you discuss, and you look (since I’m a psychotherapist, I understand that whole process) — but all of that discussion is left-brain, and so while a person may be able to intellectually understand what happened to them, they can’t own the wellbeing that comes from that understanding, because those patterns are still there. You have to get in there and repattern. Once you repattern, the ownership of it is there. (Again, it’s a new broadcast system for your chakras.)

Daily maintenance of one’s energy system is premium — that’s perfect. Nonetheless, every once in a while you hit those places where you say, “Oops!…I need help,” and that’s good, too. We need each other. It sometimes is a big job getting all the stuff inside unwound, especially when we come from a culture that lacks an understanding or teaching of this. We go through life developing faulty patterns, and building on those faulty patterns…so, sometimes we need some extra help when trying to unclog the system.

I am an open spirit, seeking to deepen my enlightenment by sitting at the feet of those having broader, more diverse experience in the area of spiritual growth. Can you say anything about that?

It is not so much sitting at the feet of others and listening, as it is being taught how to broaden, and how to make that connection, yourself. All people equally have the ability to divinely connect to Source, and to Creation. There really is no one who is better than anyone else. Karma can make a person feel that they’re more disconnected than someone else who has a different karmic imprint, but we all have that ability, because we all are Spirit, we all are Creator — we all are part of that same template.

My viewpoint on people is:

Let’s empower you. Yes, I may be teaching something, or I may have more experience in the area, but my goal is that you get to that level, or even greater — that you expand in your own personal empowerment, so that you are just thriving on the information, and not feeling that you need to be led by anyone else, but are capable of getting this information for yourself.

When we hit little roadblocks along the way, there are practitioners to help us through. The overall intent is that we move from worshipping an outer authority, to realizing that the authority actually is within. When we realize that, and we actually claim that we are Spirit — that we are this creative spirit on the planet — then that sets in, and helps us take off into reaching for more and more and more and personal growth then happening.

You speak of empowerment, but one of my weaknesses is believing in myself. People will come to me and tell me what a difference I’ve made in their lives through my work; however, I didn’t even realize I was putting anything out there. How can I address this?

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There are amazing teachings that have been around for a long, long time, which come both from master teachers, as well as from just looking at how indigenous peoples lived their lives. Much can be gleaned from just looking at what indigenous peoples held sacred, and how they interacted with life, in general — the web of life that includes all of nature, all of the stars, and various things like that.

These peoples had such reverence and honorings, and held such ceremonies, because they realized that taking care of one’s energy system — the soul, as they’d call it — is the primary thing that needs to be addressed throughout one’s life. That’s because the soul is the part of you that is immortal; the soul is the part that lives on, and will incarnate again. So, maintain the soul, and take care of that energy that is there and helping you thrive, helping you be happy, helping you be prosperous, and helping you be creative! Those are all teachings of the indigenous peoples that stand true today, and will stand true for as long as human beings are incarnating and wanting to be happy.

Another indigenous teaching is that we are born to thrive — what I refer to as the true self. We’re born to be able to have just the types of lives that we want…and we get conditioned out of that because of our Western culture. There are still many cultures in the world today that have not been so Westernized, and which still practice these things. Those peoples still live their lives like this each and every day.

Meanwhile, in our Western culture, it’s not in our lifestyle. We live our everyday lives…and then, maybe, every once in a while, we might turn toward the idea of spirit connection; or, we might get to a place where we we realize that we’re really unhappy, and that we need to make some life changes, and so we start reaching toward that. However, it’s not in our daily functioning throughout the day, so that gives us a sense of efforting — as if you have to effort toward a spiritual life. That is true for a while, before it becomes the norm. When someone begins their spiritual path, they must direct a lot of conscious attention to the teachings and to the process. Once it becomes the norm, though, it’s not efforting; it’s just the way things are for you.

Energy medicine addresses everything on a soul level. (Again, I’ve tried to move away from using the term soul, and simply use energy system, since soul is a trigger word for some people, depending on their background. The word soul can also be confusing, because these are not religions — rather, these are lifestyles, and ways of viewing life, from an energetic or spiritual viewpoint. So, we try to keep things fairly general.)

Where does the empirical truth reside in such spiritual lifestyles? Is there one truth, or are the truths different for each spirit?

The truth is what you decide to make it — there is no right way. Truth comes more from an idea of desire, and addressing the question of, “How do I want to live?” Through studying indigenous cultures, we see that they were notoriously happy and crime-free. They also lived a way that was constantly addressing people’s behavior.

In the work of soul retrieval (which I’ve dedicated my practice to), the idea is that if a person is not singing — if they are not happy, and displaying that happiness — then that will be recognized by the other people around. Others will then say, “Oh!…Something’s wrong, why aren’t you happy?” — because you’re designed to be happy. You’re designed to to feel good about life.

You can see it in kids — they love to laugh, they love to be happy, but somewhere along the line they lose that. They say in psychology that one’s personality is pretty well set by the time they’re age four. By the time you get to be four years old, something has usually happened that brings in a different viewpoint that has you focused on trying to get your way, manipulating change, or just trying to survive (depending on how severe things are).

The spirits refer to that state of just being happy as living in your song. It’s a poetic term for that simple lightheartedness and enjoyment of life. At some point, however, you went from being that happy child. The reason that you don’t feel good about life is because of the programs, the conditioning, or the comments that have been said to you…the judgments. We now have all these rules and structures; freedom is really restrained. A simple example of that is when in children are coloring, and are told, “Don’t color outside the lines! You’ve got to color in here — in between the lines.” You can see what that restriction of creativity does to the freedom of the being, and just how much we conform.

We live in such a structured world of conformity in the US that it’s hard to see outside of that box. It’s hard to see that things can be different, and that you can actually do healings, and find things that make you feel empowered and make you good. It’s hard to see that you make the decision to be happy each day, and how you can go about doing that — and that, when you do make that decision, you can watch your life change.

After you make the choice to be happy, your life then becomes easier simply because you feel better. This is a cycle that you move yourself into, as opposed to saying, “Well, I’m not going to feel better until I get [some thing].” To say that is putting your life on hold, because then by the time you get that thing, whatever it may be, you’re going to want something different. It’s a continual cycle.

When you think about material things, one of the reasons that we reach for an object in the first place is that we think it’s going to help make us feel better. Really, it’s when you feel better that you could have what you want to have — but it’s not having what you want that is the reason you feel better. Feeling better comes more from a choice than anything else— then you learn how to capitalize on that choice by doing certain things that will help you feel better.

Long ago, I was involved in a shamanic community, and had some really magical experiences of being beyond ordinary perception and ideas. However, I now have lost that sense of expansiveness, due to an overall feeling that my life is more precarious and vulnerable these days (largely because of my age). I know that for me, happiness is really about a sense of freedom, but now I just feel like my life is not moving, and I find it difficult to cultivate such positive energy.


I now see that many different sources talk about the power of belief, and the notion that one can energetically change their own reality. I ask myself, how can that be? Why have I lost that sense of expansiveness that I had previously experienced in life?


Just as people will make commitments for their physical health by joining health clubs, the same goes for spirituality — because we need one another. Having the supportiveness of others who are experiencing similar things, such as through buddy systems, is especially helpful. And, not everyone has that.

When I look at what I’ve done in my life to provide help for people, I see that teaching classes, and writing and producing materials, have each had their own certain effects — but what we need most is daily support. One option is the Feel Good Challenge, which I designed and published online to offer daily support for people. If you do it, it will have an effect on you; you might not feel it immediately, but it is designed to help you set a different tone each day.

I believe that in the next 10 or 20 years, we will see a dissolving of very structured, traditional, religious entities, and more and more people seeking their own empowerment. I celebrate that. I don’t innately have anything against structured things — unless they’re telling you that you’re bad, or that you can only do things one particular way if you want to achieve. Because, that’s just not true. What that thinking does is wound people, and make them worry that if they do something wrong, then that means they’re not good enough. It just feeds into that entire belief system of not being valued, not being good enough, and not being worthy.

What I strive for as a healer and a teacher is to counteract such thinking, and tell people that they are born divine. You have the ability to grow to any capacity that you want, not matter what your circumstances are. Everybody has the ability to achieve more, and achieving happiness is a big portion of that. The simple thing about happiness is that it’s a choice.

I write about my personal experience with that in my book, Through the Rabbit Hole. In the past, I just could not understand why I could not be happy. I kept looking and looking at reasons that I wasn’t happy, such as the difficult background that I came from…until it finally dawned on me one day that I just wasn’t choosing it. I had been looking for it outside of myself, as if something was going to make me happy, instead of realizing that I can just choose to see the brighter things in life; that I can choose to be optimistic, and see that the glass is half full.

That is also what the Dalai Lama will always say over and over — that it’s about choosing to be happy. (He’s certainly a master of it; so, we have a great role model there.) Knowing that makes you want to impart that to everyone you see; and, if they don’t agree with you, that’s okay too! You don’t have to evangelical. People get to choose — that’s one thing the spirits will say over and over again. We call it free will; they call it sacred choice.

You have sacred choice. You are not a puppet of the universe. You are a creator, and you create through your choices; and, one of those choices will be whether you choose to see the brighter sides of things. Sometimes, it’s a matter of retraining yourself.
I often encounter people who refuse to budge out of unhappiness, or depression. Do you believe in divine timing? Can they just not open their eyes to see because it’s just not their time? Or, do they just have to experience more of life to open their eyes?

There certainly are opportunities that come along for you, which can be divinely set into motion for you, and which can be easier than other times. I do not think that there’s just one such time that comes along in life, however; we can call those into our existence.

Sometimes we need someone to come in and intervene, and help us unwind some patterns. We see this in working with people in psychology. For example, people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol often have to hit a point where they will choose differently — where they realize that they have to change. Change is hard, though, so people will tolerate things until things get so bleak that they say, “I have to do this.”

So, everyone is doing their own thing. Meanwhile, there are rituals and healing techniques can be very, very helpful. However, if a person decides that they don’t even want to approach that, then sometimes you just have to let go and accept that those are their choices — without judging it. It all is divine; simply accept that that is their path, and that is what they are choosing to do. Let it be also because the more that you focus your attention on that, the more likely it is to rob you of your own happiness. Always bring your attention back to: “What am I doing?”…“How am I being?”

You being more positive, and you being healthier in your own wellbeing, will be the thing that changes the world — not going out and pointing fingers at what is wrong, but rather, making what is right inside of you happen. That is the biggest influence that will change humanity globally. It’s not what everyone else is doing, it’s what you are doing.

It seems so simple, but it’s the hardest thing for most people because they would rather look at what is wrong outside of themselves, than they would at what they’re doing that’s not making things right.