Take Your Body With You CD

Take Your Body With You

Drumming CD



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I’m pleased to offer a new type of drumming CD. It’s called “Take Your Body with You.”

When the spirits asked me to work with them to create this CD, they told me that they wanted to express themselves in a way that evoked a more ancient way of journeying. The spirits came through in a powerful way during the recording session. You will be able to hear tribal singing in the background. Instead of the traditional unvarying rhythm, multiple drums and rattles glide from one rhythm into the next. The six of us who worked on this with the spirits found it to be a powerful experience.

Those who use this CD have told me that it evokes a different kind of journey. For some, it is a pathway into middle world reality and communion with the nature spirits who live there. Others use it as background music for creative endeavors such as painting or mask making.

Back cover of CD:

Participants in creating this CD:
Jan Engels-Smith, Jody Beaman, Ken Shirk, Lauri Shainsky, Robin Benelli, Marty Nelson

  1. 73-minute Drumming
  2. 55-minute Drumming
  3. 44-minute Drumming
  4. 33-minute Drumming
  5. 22-minute Drumming
  6. 15-minute Drumming
  7. 11-minute Drumming

All Drumming Tracks with call backs.

Inside cover of CD:

Shamanism is based on healing of self and others, mysticism, directing energy with intention, traveling into the worlds beyond the veils, invoking power, inviting our helping spirits into ordinary reality, understanding the transitions of life/death and using magic.

Journeying is the foundational tool for shamanic study and healing. It provides the passageway that has been used for centuries to obtain information from other dimensions, realms, and realities. Through the journeying process, you can connect with your power animals and spiritual teachers. Information, knowledge and wisdom becomes available to you that you can utilize for solving problems, gaining clarity about life’s circumstances or simply to build your awareness and understanding of the different worlds beyond. Journeying is a perfect way to learn what needs to unfold in your life and then actively integrate this information to help you maximize your happiness and wholeness.

Journeying is typically taught by lying down, covering your eyes and listening to a drumming CD. This is a great way to journey; however, many indigenous shamans took their bodies with them. Shamans journeyed while dancing and singing using their body as a vehicle to contact spirit. As you listen to this CD, experiment, move your body, slightly close your eyes, sing if you like, and see what happens.

Jan has included a “calling to the spirits” sequence at the beginning. This is done through whistling and songs that invoke spirits to assist you during your journey process.


This CD is dedicated to the spirits, the allies of non-ordinary reality that love us so. This CD was channeled. Jan has never heard this beat before nor has she been able to duplicate it again. The sounds and voices are of a tribe that came through the participants to spread their message of healing through sound and vibration. Her teaching from these spirits has been that all things are made of sound and light , frequencies of vibration , and that certain vibrations heal and move energies in a healing way. Also vibrations create portals into different realities for us to explore and from which to bring back useful information. This CD is a product of these teachings.