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Next session TBD.

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Energetically, the earth has ascended into a new dimension.

The great shift is toward a paradigm of unity and wholeness in a universe that is not fragmented and in conflict.

This new understanding of existence is often referred to as ascension into 4th, 5th or 6th dimensions.

This is a world that exists with forces that sustain life and create perfection-love, joy and ecstasy, and promise of a positive future.

In order to reap the benefits of this and live in harmony with this shift you must be an energetic or vibrational match with this ascension.

The spirits are clear that to be in alignment with ascension there are particular principles and practices associated with our energy fields that must be understood and implemented.

One does not need to be a shaman or taken shamanic classes to enter into this work.  However, one should be comfortable with deeply altered states of awareness for extended periods of time and basic journey skills are always beneficial.

This class is transformative and the activities, endocrine initiations and meditations are designed for a radical change in consciousness.  They are also designed to bring forth information about our new reality. One should enter into this work- ready to commit to a process and prepared for nothing less than a profound and rapid transformation.