Prerequisite: Level 1: Basic Shamanic Journey Skills

When: TBA

Course Fee: $1,100

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  • Do you ever wonder WHY you aren’t manifesting what you want?
  • Have you ever considered that you might be sabotaging yourself?
  • Would you like a quick, easy, effective way to elicit transformation, manifest your desires, and consciously stop sabotaging yourself?

Awakened GraceAwakened Grace invites us to explore ancient wisdom on the development of the truth of the soul and to learn how to apply these fundamental teachings to our everyday life.  This is a power packed experiential class!!!

What people say about Awakened Grace:

“Awakened Grace is my favorite course! I have learned more about myself in a short amount of time than I could ever imagine! It was the most profound experience of my life! I loved this class. It changed my life!”

“The class is exceptional for inner personal work.”

“Want to help heal the world, heal your family, or heal the environment, then heal yourself. Know yourself and live from the place of your own song. It is beautiful.”

“We engage in the examination and understanding of programmed patterns in our ways of being – which we call “programs” or “masks” – and observe and notice how our masks define our behaviors, emotions, and thoughts. We then learn effective methods for dismantling and removing our masks, clearing egoic constructs in our personality until we are acting and loving from the true essence of self – which we call our “transfigured state”.

“High ceremony and sacred geometry combine with powerful processing of our masks to uncover our true essence to help us awaken the grace within.”

Awakened Grace Class Photo