Level 2 Online Live Course : The Practical Shaman

Prerequisite: Level 1: Through The Rabbit Hole: Basic Shamanic Journey Skills

Instructor: Pamela

Contact [email protected] for classes in 2020 and 2021.

The Telepathic Practicum and fees are also part of the course requirements

12-month course that meets online twice a month on a weeknight. Times and days will be announced upon registration to fit the various days and time zone needs.

Prerequisite Level 1 Basic Journey class either here in Portland or through Jan’s book or online course Through the Rabbit Hole.

The Practical Shaman Level 2 online distance course has been especially formatted to meet the needs of those who do not live in the Portland area but would like to continue to deepen their training and healing.

The Level 2 online distant course will teach you how to apply shamanic methods to modern day problems such as healing yourself, friends, family, pets and the planet in a loving way from the dense and de-vitalizing energies that drain or block us from realizing and living from a place of joy, health, and peace.

Some of the topics we will cover are:

•how to work in a positive way with energy that you may be feeling or sensing

•work in a compassionate way with death and dying

•filling with personal power and love

•extraction of energies that are not a match to your high vibration

•freedom from painful thoughts by using thought form unraveling techniques

•develop intimate relationships with your unseen spiritual allies

•work with your power animals and allies to gain information and healing for yourself and others

•dismantle beliefs that stand in the way of being and living from your True Self

•different methods of working with a spirit ally to resolve an issue that needs healing

•shift your own energy to better manifest your dreams and the life you desire to create

This class is truly an exceptional opportunity to delve into 21st century shamanism as a way of healing for yourself and the world, becoming a shamanic practitioner and being part of a larger community of well beings.

Contact [email protected] for classes in 2020 and 2021.

The Practical Shaman