Soul Retrieval Training Course

PrerequisiteLevel 1Level 2, and Level 3, (2x)

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The Soul Retrieval Training Course is a mastery level training course requiring extensive preparation. The healing process and ceremony of soul retrieval focuses on the phenomenon and issues of soul loss. You will learn how to utilize your relationships with the spirits to track your client’s soul through  time–during this lifetime and other lifetimes–to identify specific incidences of soul loss, and to retrieve these and reincorporate them into the client’s soul. Working intimately with your helping spirits, you will expand your psychic abilities, further develop your divination skills, and enhance your abilities to interpret and apply metaphorical expressions from non-ordinary reality to restore wholeness an vibrancy to the soul.

Extensive time will be focused on aftercare, building trust, and soul retrieval altars. Other areas of learning included cord-cutting rituals from Egyptian lineages, as well as releasing the bondage of karma, spells, curses, oaths, promises and declarations.

This class is taught by Jan Engels-Smith.