Level 4: Sitting in Circle with the Gods

Prerequisite: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 (2 times) or completion of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies 3 year program.

When: Contact info@lightsong.net for dates and times.

Instructor:  Jan Engels-Smith

Course Fee: $490

Level 4 (LV4) Sitting in Circle with the Gods is an advanced shamanic course intended to bring “new” information to the planet about critical topics in contemporary life. This information is invaluable in negotiating life and calling forth the descendants of our New Earth. I am thrilled to bring this new material to you. The course is governed by a council of spirits that directs the course content. The relationships developed between the spirits in this council and the course participants provide a unique and powerful vehicle for exploring truth and wisdom of the universe and bringing it to human consciousness.

Participants research specific topics through journeying, channeling and mediumship, and are required to be fully trained in these techniques upon entering the course. The participants of the course share the intention of opening portals to the different realms where the answers to profound questions lie. The keepers of these mysteries have been waiting for the right people to ask the correct questions at fortuitous times. Ultimately, it is our intention that these answers will help us bring about greater health, happiness and wholeness to the planet.

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