Distance healing is energy healing work accomplished without the practitioner and client being in the presence of one another. Energy healing travels instantly through the ethers to bring powerful, effective results to clients whether on the other side of the city or the other side of the world.

Though distance healing does not require direct practitioner-client interaction, I prefer to engage my client in their healing process as much as possible. The wonderful communication technologies available to us (telephone, Skype, the internet, etc.) make conversations easy and very cost-effective, close vast distances, and give the feel of being in the same room during a healing session.

“Jan’s distance healing work is remarkable. A highly gifted shamanic healer. The work I have done with her long distance has proven extremely effective.”

Gregory Martin, Actor

What types of healing work can be done at a distance?

Because I work through interaction with the client, almost all of my healing modalities can be used for distance healing. By linking spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing components, I am able to offer a comprehensive, personalized program for healing to wholeness. Following are examples of some of the methods that may be used for a distance session.


Soul Retrieval
Course Unraveling 
Compassionate Spirit Release
Reconnective Healing

Mental and Emotional

listening for, evaluating and changing faulty belief systems
identifying and replacing obsolete and undesired aspects with higher versions of self
identifying life patterns and providing effective means to make changes


employing journeys and medical intuitive practices to find the root of physical ailments, dis-ease, or injury

When is distance healing appropriate?

Distance healing is ideal for anyone unable to meet with me in person for specific reasons (too far to travel, homebound, personal reasons, etc.).

I invite anyone wishing to explore the marvel of distance healing to contact us with questions or to book an appointment.