October 28-30th, 2022

A shared event with LightSong and SoulNote Shamanic Sound
Facilitated by Dr. Lauri Shainsky, Associate Teacher and Healer, LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism & Energy Medicine, & SoulNote Shamanic Sound 

LightSong and SoulNote team up to provide this intensive that immerses people in spirit-guided sound. We build on our capacities attune to and utilize spiritual energies that are encoded with and present themselves as audible sound. And, we draw nearer to our compassionate helping spirits, engaged in a vibrationally-rich nourishing time of creating shifts in our lives through deep communion, reflection, contemplation.

Whether you are seeking to add sound to your shamanic toolbag of skills or to accomplish some personal healing, you will  be welcomed into a spirit-filled, safe container with other like-hearted people and explore the magic of sound. Healing and learning happen simultaneously. This Intensive explores how shamanism is made more powerful by sound, and sound healing is made more powerful when blended with shamanism. And we get to enjoy each other's birthright to commune with compassionate spirits of the Divine Realms for healing self, others, Earth. 

The Intensive will assist you to:

Expand your abilities to use your sacred voice for creating shifts in consciousness and well-being, and setting intentions into motion--especially important for invocations, spirit calling songs, power songs, extraction and filling songs.
Become a more clearer and open channel for bringing power and wisdom to Earth;
Connect more deeply with the spiritual realms for receiving and transmitting healing sound &
Bring more creative power and manifestation into your daily life through spirit, intentional sound & song.

Course Registration

This workshop is fully experiential and will facilitate your learning, your healing, and your expansion in shamanism and sound healing. This is a completely hands-on exploratory experience. Ceremony, initiations, community, laughter and our nature spirits all contribute to our fulfillment through learning and healing. Journeying skills are highly recommended but not required.

Workshop hours: 6:30 pm -9 pm Friday evening ... 9:30 am- 4:00 pm Saturday and Sunday

Tuition: $425

Note: We accept credit cards via Stripe and PayPal or you can pay by check. 

To pay by check, make checks out to LightSong School and send to PO Box 86147, Portland OR 97286. If paying by check, please fill out this form. Registration is not complete until we have received your check.

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