Shamanic Sound Healing: Offerings for LightSong Learners Facilitated by Lauri Shainsky, PH.D, LightSong Associate Teacher/Healer/Council Member.

In 2021, I will be offering opportunities for LightSong students to expand their skills in adding sound to your shamanism. Here is a brief write up on why this is important, followed by coursework aiming at this overarching goal.

My aim is to reinvigorate shamanism with the rich tradition of sound and song. People are natural vibrating beings of light. However, early childhood programming, subconscious fears, restrictive beliefs have hindered feeling free to vocalize/sing/hum/chant/tone, and unwittingly enforced a timidity about expressing oneself through sound and song.

My mission is to help people break through barriers that have hampered their vocal self-expression and provide safe arenas to practice making intentional Spirit-guided sound for amplifying their shamanic and other energetic healing. Our intent unfolds into a beautiful journey to discover our innate capacities to be a clear and open channel, conduit, instrument of divine healing sound and light. We enjoy these capacities for offering potent, accurate, effective healing for ourselves, others, Earth. 

Shamanic sound healing training will assist you to: 

Come into a more potent vibrational relationship and exchange with our helping Spirits and the Divine

When we make sound with our voices in particular, our whole physicality vibrates. We are acutely alert, listening, feeling Spirit move through us as we pray, bless, thank, engage in healing. This training helps one become an instrument that responds to and converses with the divine realms through intentional sound. 

Prepare our energy field, mind, body, soul, and sacred spaces for our healing ceremonies 

As we step into the healing hoop, we can comfortably, confidently, powerfully use sound—singing, toning, chanting, speaking, rattling, drumming, bowling-- to energetically open to, charge with, and channel currents of spiritual power and wisdom. 

Change our states of consciousness for accessing NOR 

When we make sound with our voices in particular, our whole physicality vibrates. We are acutely alert, listening, feeling Spirit move through us as we pray, bless, thank, engage in healing. This training helps one become an instrument that responds to and converses with the divine realms through intentional sound. 

Amplify the effectiveness and potency of our shamanic healing procedures** through knowledgeable and effective use of intentional vibratory frequencies (especially our voices)

We focus especially on creating a partnership between our voices, and other instruments, and learn new dimensions and textures to the compassionate universe in which we do our healing and learning. 

Tap into the wise, vibrating, creative universe to manifest new fruitful matrices, structures, circumstances, realities, formations of energy and matter.

When we make sound with our voices in particular, our whole physicality vibrates. We are acutely alert, listening, feeling Spirit move through us as we pray, bless, thank, engage in healing. This training helps one become an instrument that responds to and converses with the divine realms through intentional sound. 

Specific Activities in Shamanism Enhanced by Our Freely Making of Intentional Sound:

Invocation and powering up

Singing or making sound to pray, bless, thanking


Singing and/or sound-rich journeys, vocally driving our journeying activate pathways, streams, currents of healing energy that might otherwise lay dormant. We travel deeper inward and outward as the vibrating universe matches our vibrational emanations to collaborate in illumination and transformation.


Using spirit-guided sound to break up, dispel, shift, digest, force out fixated dense energies;  

Thoughtform and Curse Unraveling

Using sound waves that travel backwards, forward and sideways in time and space to dig out and transform structures of thought and cosmic/karmic entrapments/entanglements;

Compassionate Spirit Release

Creating protective space, concentrating the beings’ energy and “belongings”, and (especially with singing bowls) creating vortices of Light and power to accompany the influx of healing light and the departure of beings. 

Soul Retrieval

Tenderizes the soul prior to receiving, escorts the soul parts home and integration process.

Calendar of Courses First Semester 2021

SoulNote Shamanic Sound Healing & LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism
Facilitated by Dr. Lauri Shainsky, Shamanic Sound Healer/Instructor
This Information is available right now at:

January 30-31
Shamanic Sound Healing: Introductory Weekend (Sound Salon)

February 19-21
Shamanic Sound Intensive (LS- 230A): Gateway to Spirit-Guided Sound

March 3-May 5
10 Week: Gateway To Shamanic Sound Healing. Weds evenings 6-9 pm PST

March 20-21
Shamanic Sound Healing (Module--LS 230BC): The Healing Voice 1 & 2

April 2-4
Shamanic Sound Intensive (LS- 230): Vibrational Manifestation and Sacred Sound

April 23-25
Advanced Shamanic Sound Healing Intensive: Expanding Our Cosmic Reach.

May 8-9
Shamanic Sound healing: Applying Sound to Shamanic Practices and Lifestyles

May 22-23
Birding By Ear And Bird Language:

June 26-27:
Shamanic Sounds of Earth.

More Advanced Topics Dates will be announced by the end of the year. If you are an advanced student and want to engage with me in 2021, please contact me and we will shape 2021 expansion activities that best meet your needs

Shamanic Sound Healing Medicine Wheel

I have been pondering, wandering, receiving messages from my course spirits, the land here at Hidden Lake. And a Medicine Wheel for Shamanic Sound dropped in...duh!

So this is an invitation to Walk around it with me.

The medicine wheel has been an organizing, consciousness-raising, life-giving, Earth-based template and way of being for most earth people throughout time. My medicine wheel philosophy has been very influenced by Jon Young at Wilderness Awareness School (ca. 2000), and added to by my own relationship and ceremony with the Divine.

The energies of each direction and the spinning wheel itself are alive and distinct. Cycles of all kinds follow a medicine wheel of development and evolution. Even our ability to play the guitar, run a company, or teach a class.
So, the spirits of my courses have come in and organized themselves around medicine wheel flavors and vibrational qualities. Ideally we begin together in the East and we walk around then to the South, then West, then North. But we move around our map our template our wheel differently, depending...And, you may come in at a unique and unexpected direction. But the material, the spirits sheparding it and I, invite you to flow through the course of development and mastery of skills, knowledge, and ways of being, in a way that best serves you.

Current Shamanic Sound Messages
from the Directions

East: Welcoming, inviting the power of the equation to come in. Let the wind blow in new insight for using the equation (adapted from Tom Kenyon):  Sound + Spirit + Intention + Listening + the Open Heart= Manifestation + Healing + Transformation.  Building a conduit to the divine for sound and spirit to co-mingle, co-create through you as the instrument. Gateway weekends & 10-week Course

South: Our Song; focusing on our personal (and professional) relationship with our voices to create, finding passion, releasing to the fire. 10-week Course & The Healing Voice

West: The Inner meets the Outer—Deep inner Inquiry for building a framework for inner and outer manifestation. Matrices of energy and matter that make up our life, and our life’s situation,  are gently potently explored, pondered, shifted, transformed. Sound, intention, and Spirit just “get in there” and help dissolve old structures  and stories, and assist us in creating and living and telling ourselves new stories. Manifesting weekend & 10-week Course

North: Growing into Mastery—gathering insight, experience (ancestral support) into and with SSH, and applying these in deeper more focused ways to your shamanic /energy medicine practice, and everyday life This is key. Capacity to feel a bigger picture, building that conduit to the divine. Being the Hollow Bone.  Applications weekend & 10-week Course

The Vertical Axis Upward-Downward (SW-NE) is an deeply integral part of all of the work, all of the courses. Connecting with, honoring, in exchange with Earth—all layers, OR, NOR. And That deep earth love…Open to the Divine, our antennae, pipes, sticks, antlers, limbs and branchs all raised skyward to the Stars, planets, galaxies, beyond. We open to Divine wisdom from above, inspiration, creative energies, dreams, visions…songs!!! OMG Songs!!!

Inner Work to co-create the Outer work is the other key directional flow consistent through all courses and events. As we heal within, this healing naturally resonates out into your perceived world, and Earth.

I hope you will join me somewhere on the wheel...of healing, learning, expanding, illuminating, transforming.


LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine is dedicated to the cultivation of thriving, interlaced communities of well beings through the exploration and practice of shamanism and alternative energy medicine.



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